February Circus

I left my heart in Paris, once again

I really feel sad while writing this post about my Paris trip. Not because it was bad. Continue reading “I left my heart in Paris, once again”

Tenue du Jour – At the Louvre

Bonjour a tous! As you might have read in other posts, I was in Paris to celebrate my 25th Continue reading “Tenue du Jour – At the Louvre”

25 Before 25 Goals – Lookback

Happy birthday to me! Friday (February 9) I turned 25. Quarter life is officially here. Continue reading “25 Before 25 Goals – Lookback”

A Month in Pictures: January

I seriously can’t believe that it is already February. What happened to January? Continue reading “A Month in Pictures: January”

100th Blogpost Storytime

Today’s post is very special to me. This post is my 100th blogpost! Can you believe it? I can’t. Continue reading “100th Blogpost Storytime”

Travelling by train – what to do?

The majority of you might have read in my previous posts, that I am going to Paris soon. Continue reading “Travelling by train – what to do?”

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