February Circus



Personal challenge: 24hours without my phone

When I shared my first personal challenge on the blog, it was so well received that Doorgaan met het lezen van “Personal challenge: 24hours without my phone”

25 things to do before 25

2018 will be the year. In February I’ll become 25 years old! I can’t even believe it myself. Doorgaan met het lezen van “25 things to do before 25”

What to do on rainy summer days

What’s summer been like with you guys? Summer in The Netherlands, and I think, many other places in Europe, Doorgaan met het lezen van “What to do on rainy summer days”

Valerie’s Bookclub: my summer book list

Summer will officially start this weekend! Hurray! One of the things I want to do this summer is to read. Doorgaan met het lezen van “Valerie’s Bookclub: my summer book list”

Valerie’s Bookclub: Capture your Style

It seems like every blogger and Youtuber is signing a bookdeal. Not to mention that these days there isn’t a celebrity Doorgaan met het lezen van “Valerie’s Bookclub: Capture your Style”

Happy Valentine’s Day!

You love it or hate it. You either look forward to it or want to hide in bed, with snacks. Doorgaan met het lezen van “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

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