Skincare is really important to me as I have shared before. While I have not always paid that much attention to my skin, I do now and my skin is so thankful and in a great condition. I started investing more in good skin products that really match the need of my skin. Of course, I still get pimples from time to time but not as much as before. My skin structure is also much better.  Skincare in general became important to me over time but French skincare and beauty is a topic that I started to look into the past months. And it has become a little obsession of mine, in a good way 😉

French woman are such natural beauties. What I love about their routines is that they don’t use too much make up and keep things fresh and light. Skincare is probably the most important part of their beauty routine and it actualIy is mainly about enhancing the features and not really hiding ‘’flaws’’. You don’t need (much) make up when your skin is already healthy. I am not saying that this is what all french women do, but that’s what french beauty is known for and how I have perceived it through some french women that I know and have talked with, articles and videos. Also, I lived in Paris for a while.

One of my favourite French skincare brands is Clarins. The first ever product I tried from this brand was a face wash and I have been a loyal customer ever since. Currently in my daily routine are the day and eye cream from the Multi Active line for premature wrinkles.

As to french pharmacy products, I use Biafine creme and the Bioderma micellar water at the moment.
Biafine is s originally for skin recovery after burns but is supposed to be great for acne and sensitive skin. It is also used by make up artists also on models before shows and shoots. I use Biafine when my skin needs a boost or when I have a massive breakout.
Those that read my post about shopping in Madrid saw that I bought Bioderma micellar water. If there’s one French pharmacy product that people rave most about, it must be this micellar water. In a rage I bought two big bottles and wondered whether it would be worth it. Now I can say: totally worth it!!!

Why do I love pharmacy products that much? The products are quite affordable and are mostly paraben and sulphate free for example.

There is just so much I’d like to try and for now, the following products are highly on my wishlist.

Nuxe lipbalm

Image source

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre

Image source

Caudalie face mist

Image source

Nuxe multi purpose oil

Image source

Avene Cleansing Gel

Image source

Have you tried any French pharmacy products or french skin care brands before? If so, let me know your favourites. To all the frenchies, is there a product that you highly recommend me?


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