Ever since I pay more attention to my nutrition and try living a healthier life, I make sure to eat my fruits and veggies every day. Not a day goes by without my vitamin C and antioxidants. This used to be differently as I used to skip fruits so often. It would feel like an obligation and a whole task to eat it daily.  However, now, it doesn’t feel like an obligation anymore and it’s just part of my daily eating pattern and I actually enjoy eating it. It’s all a matter of change and adaptation. I love to eat fruit as a piece but I love it even more to make smoothies. In my monthly diary of March, I shared some smoothie pictures and asked whether my readers would be interested in my favourite smoothie combos. In this post you will find 5 yummy smoothie ideas.

Let me know in the comments whether you will make one 😉

FYI: I always use water or unsweetened almond milk as a base to make my smoothie more liquid. I don’t really weigh my fruit but try to estimate a fair portion. You also need a good blender, especially if you use frozen fruits. I use fresh fruits and frozen fruits. It really depends on whether I feel like an extra cold smoothie. I also use frozen fruits out if practical reasons as I am afraid that my fruit will get bad. I sometimes freeze in a banana the night before. You can do whatever works for you. The ingredients are meant for 1 serving.

You can drink them or have it as a breakfast smoothie bowl with some home made granola and super foods for example. There are no rules!

Ingredients: blueberries (approx 100 grams) / 1 banana / 150-200ml of unsweetened almond milk

I don’t really drink regular milk anymore and I stopped drinking milk in my coffee when I am at home. I make an exception when I am outside of the house and order a cappuccino for example, more as a treat. I haven’t tried other plant based milks besides almond milk but I like this one. It is also very low in calories. Do you drink non diary milk?

Yellow fruits
Ingredients: pineapple (approx. 100 grams) / mango (approx. 100 grams) / 200 ml of coconut water

You can also use water instead of coconut water but I had this in the fridge as I wanted to try it after reading about the benefits of coconut water.

Red fruits
Ingredients: raspberries (approx. 100 grams) / strawberries (approx. 100 grams)/150-200ml almond milk

I recently became a big lover of raspberries. It’s worth googling the benefits of this fruit.

Kiwi (Sour)
Ingredients: 1 kiwi/1 banana / halve a lemon/ 200 ml water

Kiwi is one of my favourite fruits. It’s such a vitamin C bomb. In this smoothie I add even more vitamin C by adding the juice of halve a lemon. This smoothie is therefore a bit more sour than the others. I often drink glass of lemon water so I am used to it.

Green monster
Ingredients: pineapple (approx. 100 grams)/ spinach (handful) / 1 banana/ 150-200ml of almond milk

The pineapple and banana will take away the raw flavour of the spinach and you won’t notice much of it anymore. I drink this on days when I feel a bit more hungry or when I feel that I need energy.

I hope you liked reading this vitamin C bomb of a post!

What is your favourite smoothie combination?


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