Today I am sharing a shopping guide with tips in regard to creating a wardrobe with quality items. My previous shopping guide was on sales items. I thought it be nice sharing another post like this. Especially, because my shopping behaviour has changed a bit.

I think it is a part of growing up too. Now that I am in my mid twenties I look more at the value of clothing. The value consisting of more criteria than just the money, although that is also important. I feel that I want to have a closet full of items that are of quality and that I love. I like nice items and yes, sometimes high quality has a price tag but sometimes it’s not a bad idea to buy these items in the long run.
My style and closet are a mix of chain store items with a few higher end pieces. I also shop during sale period. So, investing in a high quality closet doesn’t only mean brands and expensive items.

When I was younger I shopped often and didn’t think much about my purchases. I always ended up with a full closet and still would have nothing to wear. Such a shame and waste of money. Now I have a much more structured shopping behaviour. I hate throwing away clothing so I rather think twice now.  I don’t have a minimalistic (or basic) closet but I make sure that whatever I buy meets my criteria and are items that I love and will love for a long time.

In this post you can read about my shopping criteria and what items I like to invest more money in. You can also find some tips to create your quality wardrobe without buying too much, skipping unnecessary purchases and creating more structure. This is just my take on shopping, everyone shops differently of course.

What do I pay attention to while shopping?
1. Price/quality
When I buy a more expensive item, I look at the quality of the item and how well it is made. When I spend more money, I expect that the item has a nice finishing and fit and it is really well made.

2. Material
I like looking at fabrics when I am shopping. I never did this before but now I pay attention to what I am actually wearing. In the past I wore more synthetic clothes and the material would often be so poor. After wearing and washing it, it got so ugly. Fabrics as cotton, wool, silk and linen tend to stay nicer. Good materials last longer and therefore worth the investment.

3. Combinable
The item you spot in store might look nice and you don’t own anything like it. But how are you going to wear it? Do you have shoes and bags that match? Think about it. You can end up with items you can’t wear with what you already have because they are that special that you have to buy a whole look for it.

4. Cost per wear (CPW)
For example: If you see an item of X Euros it might scare you off at first. But how many years can you enjoy this item? I have this blazer which is a classic. I bought it 5 years ago (!!!) when I lived in London. I still love it and wear it frequently, especially now that spring is here it will be one of my go to items. I think it will also be in my closet for the next 5 years. Contrary, an item that you don’t wear or wear just once is therefore higher cpw.

5. Trend items
Trend items are nice and I also buy them. However, I buy them less frequently and spend not much on them. Why? You can end up with too many trend items of high value that you won’t like after a while as they are not ‘’ on trend’’ anymore. They end up lonely in the back of your closet.

In which items do I invest more money?
1. Coats/blazers
Coats are items that last me years, like the blazer example above. As the coat is the item that people see when you are on the street I think it is worth investing in it. I can admire someone that wears a nicely made coat. I keep an eye on coats when the sales start.

2. Sunglasses
I have had different sunglasses over the years. I noticed that when I bought ‘’trend’’ sunglasses, I ended up reselling them after a while. The ones that I still have from way back are 2 classic Raybans. Now, I only buy classic sunglasses that don’t go out of style such as the ones you can see below.

3. Bags
I love bags. I don’t buy them regularly and not even yearly but that has a reason. I like high quality and leather bags and those are expensive. So, I need to save up for these purchases. At the moment I don’t need more bags as I have a good but not too big collection.

4. Underwear
I finally understand the importance of good underwear. Although it’s underneath your clothing it is important to buy good underwear that fits perfectly. You bring out the best of your body shape with good underwear and that way clothing looks better. I notice the difference when I wear a so so bra and a good one.

Tips and questions to ask yourself while shopping
1. Do you need it? / Do you have similar items? / Why are you buying it?
2. What’s it made of? / How does it feel? / How well is it made?
3. I personally don’t go to stores such as Primark anymore as I know I will get triggered to buy too much just because of the low prices
4. Save up for quality items. Put money aside, it will be in your closet for years if you buy wisely
5. Make an inspiration wish list with more expensive items. When you feel like buying something similar it will remind you of your dream item. It’s worth the wait, trust me.
6. Set a monthly or quarterly clothing budget. Don’t spend what you can’t afford.

Hopefully you find this post useful 🙂 Let me know in the comments what you pay attention to while shopping.


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