One of my favourite colours of this season is purple. Lavender, lilac, bright purple, any kind of purple. I purchased a lavender coat at the end of December and I am still so happy with it. It’s such a statement item and you might already know how much I love coats in special colours. While having a look on ASOS earlier this month, I found these lilac boots. I instantly fell in love! I had to have them. I like that they are bold but the colour makes them also quite girly. It definitely adds something to both a feminine and a more casual outfit.

They are  also super comfortable which is always a point of criteria for me when buying shoes. In the past I bought shoes because I liked them regardless of whether they were comfy to walk in. NO more nightmare shoe stories for me these days.

Apart from the new shoes, this outfit has many of my wardrobe favourites. You have seen my faux leather pants before. Still one of my best purchases of the winter. Another favourite is my checked blazer that I bought last spring. A checked blazer is a timeless must have in my opinion.

While cleaning up my closet, I rediscovered the sweater that I am wearing. I think I have it at least for two years but I have wore it probably two times only. Shame on me. I remember buying this sweater and being so happy with it as it was one of my first designer items. My thoughts when finding it in my closet was: ‘’hey, this is actually a really nice sweater’’. Who else knows this feeling of rediscovering items? It’s just a black sweater but it has little holes. So, whatever you’re wearing under it peeks through, which is a nice detail, I think.

Overall, I get a bit schoolgirl vibes of my outfit. I think it’s because of the bow and blazer 🙂 What do you think?
Blazer: Zara / Sweater: Versus Versace / Blouse: Zara / Pants: Topshop / Shoes: ASOS / Bag: Zara

Let me know your thoughts on my lilac shoes!


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