You read a lot these days about social media breaks. Mostly people do it for a day or two, or a weekend. People do it for peace of mind and I can understand that. Other people are just fed up with the algorithms. Although going offline might seem unthinkable these days, with social media being so present in the daily life. I have to say that these offline days can be wonderful and I recommend it.

I only use Instagram actually. It’s my go to source for inspiration in regard to fashion, travel and restaurants. Never has it been so easy to figure out what to do or eat when I am on a trip for example. I love taking pictures and editing these. I like to connect with people (and fellow bloggers) that have the similar style as me. I also feel that having a blog goes a bit hand in hand with having some activity on a social platform.

Those of you that follow me on Instagram might have noticed that there had been an awkward silence on my account until yesterday. This was totally on purpose as it was time for an experiment. I  don’t post daily. Let’s say that I post 3 times a week max. when I am active on it. I usually start my day by scrolling a bit through my feed and do so on a few other moments throughout the day.


It is said that in order to maintain and increase your following you got to post frequently, engage constantly, use your hashtags. Is this true? I thought it be interesting to see what happens to my Instagram account if I neglect it for two weeks. Apart from not posting, I didn’t like anything or follow anyone. The reason for this slightly long period is that I thought if there was going to be an impact it wouldn’t be overnight and I wanted to see how this develops. I was curious about the effects of my engagement and if it is really influencing the traffic to my account. The longest I have gone without checking Instagram before is a weekend.

I have 2000+ followers so not a huge following compared to other accounts but to me thats fine. I knew this experiment could mean that my following would drop but I was curious anyway. The people that really like my pictures will  stay, I thought.

-Barely any likes
-No new followers
-People might unfollow as they like active accounts

My last post was perhaps for many super random. It was art related and that might not be everyone’s cup of tea. It is mine, therefore I shared it.

In the first days after my last post, I still received likes although not as many as normally. My last picture didn’t receive much engagement but I thought it was normal due to my inactivity. I think also partly because of the type of picture as well. What surprised me most was that I still got new followers. How??? I did notice is that the numbers fluctuated constantly. Amongst those new followers were many follow/unfollowers. As the numbers dropped more, I also think there must have been some older followers unfollowing.

What surprised me was that in the second week I had even more engagement than in the first week. I thought it was odd. Time for a little investigation to see where these people came from and how they could have found me. I checked the accounts and then some of the latest hashtags and locations I had used. Some of the people that had found my account had been using the same hashtags and locations recently. This didn’t apply to all of the people but still some.

So, what happened? In total I lost about 30 followers in these two weeks. Auch. At least that is what I thought at first. Although its fun seeing your account increase from time to time and get spontaneous likes, it is important to not take the numbers so serious! In the end it should be all for fun. Especially if you’re not making a living out of your social media like me.

Yesterday was the first time since my experiment that I shared something. Again some people unfollowed. Maybe they didn’t like my new picture or maybe my feed is not their style at all. Whatever reason they might have, it’s ok.

Instagram sneak peek

As you can see from my account, neglecting it for a while can make your following and engagement drop. There might be some temporary following but those can go if they notice you are inactive or if you don’t follow back. So yes there is an effect. Is it bad though? To me not. Better less followers that do engage than more that are silent so you actually don’t get anything out of it.

-There’s a lot of follow/unfollow going on when you aren’t active (because you don’t follow back or they don’t like that you’re not active)
-Using good hashtags and adding locations to your photo does lead to traffic
-People might not like everything that you share and as a result unfollow (e.g my artsy picture)
-Engagement does lead to engagement

If I don’t feel like using my social media, I won’t. I wont post just to post. As much as it’s nice to see a spontaneous growth from time to time, I really don’t mind so much should some people unfollow me due to lack of posts or because they actually aren’t into my content. However, it was really fun to see what happens and how your social media following can respond to inactivity. It actually is a mind game and therefore I like to take it with a grain of salt.

Now I am curious! Whats the longest period you have gone without posting and engaging on Instagram?


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