Hi there! I am sharing another outfit post that I shot in Paris. I am obsessed with faux fur as you might know. Some might find it tacky or too much but to me there’s no such thing as too much faux fur. Whether its faux fur in coats, clothing or even in accessories, I wear it all! I don’t want to be repetitive by adding FAUX all the time, but I just want to emphasise that I don’t wear real fur. Not my thing. In this outfit, I added my touch of fur as an accessory. Which still is the eye catcher of the outfit although its just an accessory. I have this scarf already for years, probably around 7 even. Although I love it, I sort of forget to wear different scarfs ever since I bought my plain woollen Acne Studios scarf last year. I needed to take my furry friend for a trip and that’s why packed it for Paris.

The striped blouse is also something I don’t wear often but think I definitely will do so as I think it suits me. I used to think that these casual blouses look stiff and boring. I quite like them now as I have seen it on me. It’s all about combining your items wisely so it all comes together without looking boring.

I have mentioned it before, I like clashing colours and that’s why I wore my green hat that day. I also brought a simple black one with me but I like this clash. How do you feel about mixing colours?

A few pictures were shot at the balcony of my hotel room. Who doesn’t love french balconies? I was taking pictures of the balcony and buildings every day. I also shot some in front of the Opera building and the one with the binocular is at Galeries Lafayette.

I am happy with the result of this outfit shot! I also mentioned it in my previous Paris outfit post that I was happy with the look I had put together. It’s probably the magic of Paris and its beauty. Paris makes everything look flattering and good ❤

Blouse: Zara / Faux fur scarf: H&M / Leather pants: Topshop / Hat: H&M / Coat: Zara / Bag: Sandro / Ankle boots: Mc Gregor / Sunnies: Gucci

Let me know in the comments what you think about my outfit! I also want to thank my readers for the nice comments on my new blog name.

xxx Valerie

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