I seriously can’t believe that it is already February. What happened to January? It seems like it was New Year’s Eve yesterday and that I woke up today in a whole new month. I’m turning 25 so soon!
Anyway, I don’t know if you have felt the same but to me this January has felt like an adjustment month. I can’t really explain the feeling but it sort of feels like it has been a slow start for me.It’s like things didn’t really progressed so much or that there wasn’t much action in my month.
This also shows in the amount of pictures I have made this month. When I started working on this post, I realised how less pictures I had made. Normally it is a matter of selecting pictures and sometimes even a second selection is necessary because there are so many pictures and now there was just a handful of random monthly shots. Oops. This is so unlike me. I still hope you enjoy reading my monthly diary and seeing these ‘’few’’ month shots.

1 January 2017 –  Mc Donald’s for dinner

My first Tenue du jour of the year

This was a Friday eve snack. Sooooo yummy

Randomly came across this horse and carriage. Loved to see it as I don’t see it so often in a city.

Spotted this dress but unfortunately the shop was closed. So pretty.

Showing off my Mexican necklace ❤ Bought a few like these during my trip to Mexico approximately a year ago. These mean so much to me and bring back so many warm memories.

Time for a cake. This is one of my favourite ones to make as it is a non bake cake.

Yes, again.

Some smoothies to compensate

My rainbow OOTD

10 points if you know where this picture was made 😉

A sneak peek of an outfit that I made some pictures of. Should I share an outfit post of it or rather not?

I placed a large order at H&M but unfortunately I have to send everything back. Boo!

Ending the month with my favourite smoothie. Made from: Kiwi, lemon, banana and water.

I’ll make sure to make more pictures this month so next month’s diary is a bit more exciting than this one.

xxx Valerie

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