Out with the old, in with the new! This post is such a contrast in comparison to my previous post about cleaning your closet. One of the reasons I mentioned for regularly decluttering is that sometimes I just simply need space for new items that are more my style. In this post I am sharing the purchases I have made during the past winter months . A main theme in this shoplog seems to be knitwear.

I am currently on a non shop mode in January as I am going to Paris next month and I know how much I love shopping in my favourite city.

I also finished uploading the items that I decided to sell after my closet cleanse. People from The Netherlands and Belgium can have a look on my United Wardrobe account. You can also email/dm me if you like something.

Soooo.. what’s new in my closet?

Sweater from ASOS

I have been buying quite some sweaters this season. I am just a big fan of cosy knits. This grey one is oversized and long. Love the eyelet details!

Dress from ASOS

Yep, another knitwear item(and not the last one in this shoplog).

Ankle boots from Zalando

A big, chunky heel and platforms are the criteria when I look for a heeled boot. I cant walk in delicate heels. You’ve probably seen the trend of vinyl pants everywhere. Although I think these are amazing, I personally would be really annoyed by the squeaky sound while walking. Therefore I thought I apply this in shoes.

Sweater from H&M

Some of you might know how much I like striped clothing. I didn’t have a striped sweater so was happy to find this one on sale.

Beanies from H&M

My beanies! Got so many comments on my Amsterdam Tenue du Jour (also on Instagram) from people that liked my black beanie. Therefore I bought the same in electric blue.

Top from Zara

It looks like this top is metallic but it is actually velvet. So shiny!

Pants from Topshop

Another item that everyone seemed to love is my (faux) leather pants. WORN HERE. This is one of my best purchases of the season. I wear this so often and it’s so warm.

Sweater from Topshop

I wore this sweater in combination with the leather pants in a Tenue du jour. I am a big fan of bold colour details and the neck is so pretty.

Sweater from Zara

I bought my first cashmere sweater. I never knew what the fuss was about and thought it was overpriced but after buying this one, I understand. It’s so soft!!!! Can’t wait to style an outfit with it.

Pants from H&M

Told you I like stripes.

Pants from H&M

I wore these trousers on Christmas Eve. I don’t know if you see it but it is a bit fringy/fluffy fabric. It’s also a high waist and has a wide fit.

Face masks from Shiseido & Origins

Repurchased my favourite face masks. The one from Shisheido is a clay mask and the one from Origins is an overnight mask that hydrates.

Coat from 2nd Day

I think I saved the best for last. In a Tenue du Jour I mentioned I had laid my eyes on a lilac coat. I doubted about getting it because I shouldn’t buy bold jackets anymore. When I saw that there was just one left in my size, I knew I would regret not buying it. I AM IN LOVE!

What do you think of the items that I got? Which one is your favourite? Also, if you would like an outfit post with a particular item, let me know.

xxx Valerie

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