One of the things I always do in January is to clean up my closet. I actually do this twice a year, once in January and once during summertime. There are a few reasons why I do it. First, I do this because I am quite the messy girl when it comes to keeping my closet organised and folding everything nicely and putting it back where it belongs. It’s therefore not even a surprise that I find  sweaters between my trousers and some loose socks between my tops for example. I also do it because I know my style changes from time to time and there are probably pieces that I don’t wear or haven’t worn in years. Also, I sometimes simply need some space in my closet. Out with the old, in with the new. I have been shopping recently during fall and winter and these new items replace some old items. I will upload a shoplog soon as my lovely readers always enjoy these.

I am shocked every time I arrange my closet. While on regular days I might often think I have nothing to wear, I get confronted with the amount of things I can wear whenever I see them again. I also forget what I actually own #confessionsofahoarder. Curious how I organise my closet? What do I do with the items I don’t keep? Continue reading! I wrote it in steps. Perhaps you get inspired to start as well.

1. Unlike many methods of cleaning up your closet, I don’t just throw everything on the floor to start with an empty closet. This is too overwhelming for me and I probably just don’t feel like doing all at once. I don’t feel like spending a whole day on it and get bored after a while. To prevent things laying on the floor for days, I rather clean up my closet by sections. Trousers, knitwear, skirts and shorts, shoes, tops, etc. I do things systematically in a few days instead of chaotically postponing it.

I will never understand what happens to my socks when they miraculously disappear when I do my laundry.

2. When I take a category out of my closet, I put things on my bed. My closet and bed are in separate rooms. My bed is big so I can nicely make selections and piles. Look therefore for a place that is organised, tidy and spacious to do the folding and selecting. Making a mess on top of a mess is not so ideal.

Tops everywhere

3. I make 4 piles: keep, donate, sell and throw away. I am not a huge fan of throwing away things. So, when I throw something away it has holes, the fabric is deteriorated or it’s completely washed out. I rather donate things that are still in a very good shape. If I am no longer using it, it’s nice to make someone else happy with it.

STORYTIME: Recently, my mom made someone really happy with a coat. She saw a few times that the mailman was wearing either no coat or a coat with holes in it. One time she saw him at the opposite site of the road and took a jacket from her husbands closet. She was hesitant as she didn’t know how he would react but still went and asked him whether the coat, could be of use to him. He lit up, got so happy and accepted the coat. Ever since, she has seen him wearing that coat every time when he delivers the mail. He once rang the door and told her once again how happy he was with the coat and that he was incredibly thankful for her gesture and that he otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford a coat for winter. Superhero mom ❤

So think again when you feel like throwing away things that are still in a good shape!

There are some items that I try to sell. People from The Netherlands & Belgium can check my United Wardobe account where I sell items. I will add items that I found now while cleaning my wardrobe. I could use some extra shopping money for Paris so have a look 😀 Feel free to send me an email/DM if you see something.

Selling this cute Sandro skirt. Never worn!

4. Once a shelf is empty, I clean it to take out some dust and to make it smell fresh again.

5. You got to be honest with yourself when you’re selecting items. Don’t keep things just to keep things. Criteria:
-How often have you been wearing it the last year?
-Does it suit your style/shape?
-Does it still fit you?
-How many do you have of these?

Everything tidy and folded again!

Left is selling / middle is donating / right is throwing away

Like I said, be real with yourself and don’t keep things in your closet without a reason. You can either make someone else happy with it or make some money with it. By getting rid of stuff you can make space to add some new nice things that might be more you’re style than the ones that have been hanging there for years.

Do you also clean up your closet a few times a year? I am curious, how often do you do this? Also let me know if you have difficulties getting rid of items and If you’re a fan of re-selling and donating.

xxx Valerie

*Main image from Pinterest