At the beginning of 2017, I shared a post about my ‘’Happiness in a jar’’ idea. As I wasn’t that committed to the blog yet, I guess that most of my readers didn’t read it. Therefore I thought it be good to share a ”highlights of the year’’ post and at the same time reflecting on my happiness jar.

First things first, what am I talking about? For the whole post you can click HERE but I will briefly explain my idea in this post as well.

Each time something fun, good or positive happens, I write this down on a small piece of paper and put this in my ‘’happiness jar’’. I did this throughout the whole year. My idea is to only open this jar at the end of the year and read all the notes. By doing this, I will re-live all those memories, some of which I might have even forgotten.
When you get into a routine in your daily life you might not realise what fun and exciting things you actually have done as you are so deep in that routine. A year goes by so quick, you might not capture those little things. Writing these down can serve as a reminder of all your best memories. By reading the content of the box you can remind yourself once again how fortunate you are. It might give an extra push to appreciate your life, friends, and family because those important factors made your memories possible.

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There were actually about 50 little notes in my jar and I selected my personal favourites. Curious about some of my highlights of the year?

Travel related
This year I didn’t really have time to book one big trip to a faraway destination as I had to make some priorities in my personal life. This doesn’t mean that I didn’t go anywhere. Luckily I had the opportunity to make several smaller trips. It all started with Stockholm. How I love Scandinavian countries. After Stockholm, I spend my birthday weekend in Antwerp. Whether I liked it or not, I had to travel to Spain several times this year. In April, I went home to Paris ❤ Never a dull day in Paris. I visited my neighbour country Germany a few times and I also played a tourist in my own country by visiting Rotterdam. In August I went to Copenhagen, loved it!

Stockholm in February

Paris in April

Copenhagen in August

Some of the fun things I did
-Car safari. During Springtime I did a car safari at a zoo. This was so cool!!!

Car safari in May 
-I got two ear piercings. I always wanted  to create an ear party but was too afraid to get something pierced. Couldn’t be happier that I still did it!

-Visited a Marc Lagrange expo. He is actually one of my favourite Photographers and I actually won the entrance tickets. I never win something!!!

-I spoiled myself with a new MacBook. So so happy with it.

Blog related
I saw my blog grow throughout the year. It all started when, around March, I thought it be worth it investing more time and care in my blog and being more active in regard to my comments and followers. The first milestones such as 20 and 50 followers felt amazing and then I even hit 100 followers at one point. I couldn’t believe it. And now very recently I even hit 500 followers. I am incredibly thankful for all the love and support! I am now even more motivated to keep coming up with ideas and posts. I know that in 2018 I will develop new ideas and will work on fine-tuning my blog. As mentioned in the intro, I also hosted my first giveaway which is still open > CHECK IT. This year I also received some lovely emails from followers ❤

People come and go
It was time to let some people go in my life and to cut off some toxic friendships. Although it felt strange sometimes and it took me some time to get used to the idea, it was highly necessary. Life is too short to spend your time on the wrong people. In return, I reconnected with a friend that I had grown apart from. You might have seen her pictures of her Mexican beach paradise in my monthly diary.

The paradise where my friend lives

Would love if you’d share one of your best memories of the year! Also, what do you think about my idea of writing down your favourite memories and re-reading them towards the end of the year? I know that I will do this again in 2018!

As this is probably my last post of the year, I want to end it by wishing you all a Happy New Year! May 2018 bring you lots of success, love and happiness ❤