Time to take my furry friend for a walk. My faux fur coat to be precise. Those that read my previous post about my day in Germany, already have seen a sneak peek of the outfit that I was wearing that day. For the people that didn’t read that post, last weekend I spend a day in Germany and visited a Christmas market. I already knew in advance that it was going to be really cold and knew I should dress warmly. What I didn’t know was that there would be snow in Germany. Yay, my first snow day of the year! I was so excited and happy the whole day. So, lucky me that I decided to wear my faux fur coat for the occasion. Who says that you can’t go for a fashionable look when it’s cold? Anyway, it was nice and warm. A furry coat is also super photogenic, don’t you think? I definitely want a black faux fur coat as well.

I combined the look with a white woollen sweater, which doesn’t really show in the pictures but I was not going to take my coat of to show it off as it was -1 degrees. My jeans is olive green, but it seems to be black in the picture, sorry guys! As my outfit was full of neutrals, I needed something colourful and my DVF bag saved the day once again. I love how this bag always makes my outfit pop and makes it less dull. I therefore would love to find another statement bag such as a bright fuchsia coloured one. My boots are so old! I am not lying when I say that I have them for about 6 years. They are brown leather combined with some suede parts and buckles on the side. The best part is that they have lammy on the inside so it was also warm.

I shared this look on Instagram and my account exploded with likes and sweet comments ❤ I never got so many likes and comments within 24hours to a post on Instagram. So grateful for all the love!

Coat: Mango / Jeans: Topshop / Bag: Diane von Furstenberg / Boots: too old to remember

Do you like faux fur coats? If so, how would you style it?