How I love Amsterdam! It must be my favourite city in The Netherlands next to my hometown. When I was in my early twenties, I always dreamed of moving there. What I love about Amsterdam is that I find it absolutely beautiful and dreamy. Also, the fact that it is so lively and so much is always going on. I also made an effort and tried finding a job, but competition is very hard there and as many people would love to live there as well, it became a real struggle and nightmare to move there. I still love the city so much but have sort of given up my dream that I will live there. I was probably not good or special enough so therefore it’s probably not meant to be. If you ask me now: Paris or Amsterdam, I will without hesitation say Paris! I have a thing for big cities anyway. Where would you live if you could choose any place?

These pictures where shot during a day in Amsterdam. I was there because of an appointment and while it was rainy and grey, I still decided to make some outfit shots. The outfit itself is not special in my opinion but it’s how I usually style a relatively simple jeans outfit. I always tend to go add a more special or eye catching coat when I go for a simple bottom.I also like the touch of red. With a black bag the whole outfit would have been a bit dull. Another thing that is striking about this outfit is the beanie. The beanie is not special at all I hear you thinking, but me wearing a beanie is the special thing. I usually think at hats or beanies don’t really suit me. It’s like they make my head look huge sometimes, depending on the type. But I have very sensitive ears and I catch an ear infection nearly each year so on windy and rainy days, I try to wear a beanie, wether I like it or not. My beanie collection consists now of 3 that kind of suit me. What do you think of me wearing a beanie?

Have you been to Amsterdam before? If so, let me know your favourite thing of the city!

Jacket: H&M / Scarf: Acne Studios / Jeans: Bershka / Blouse: Zara / Boots: Zalando / Bag: Zara / Beanie: H&M