When I shared my first personal challenge on the blog, it was so well received that I thought a part two would be a good idea. I am trying these personal challenges as part of my 25 before 25 bucket list. When I notice that some of my bucket list items might be relatable to my readers, I think it’s fun to share them in separate blogposts. Who knows, I maybe motivate someone. If you think this is a fun idea, let me know in the comments! I’ll see which bucket list items I can write about.

Today’s post is about going 24 hours without a phone. I want to clarify something before I start writing about my experiences. I did not completely switch off my phone during this day, just in case there is an emergency or my family needs to reach me because of something important.

Let me start by saying that I am quite the phone addict. The thing is practically glued to my hand. I am especially hooked on Instagram. On a lazy Sunday, I can spend hours scrolling through it, looking for inspiration. Apart from Instagram, I love Snapchat and I also use WhatsApp, Facebook and check my email. I also find it super satisfying checking my WordPress stats.

My Instagram account. Are you following me?

We live in a time where not being part of the social media world is unthinkable. Therefore we receive too many impressions on a daily base. Whether these influences are good or bad, positive or negative, we get influenced all day long. Sometimes social media is so far from reality that we start creating an idea of how things should be or what things are ‘’normal’’.

Anyway, I wanted to disconnect myself for a bit from this online world and my phone in general. Also to find out how different I perceive things throughout the day and how big my need of a phone is.

-24hours no phone – not checking social media and email
-Turn of all notifications
-Turn of internet connection and wifi at home
-Not checking blog statistics and comments

So, how did it go?
I decided to do this little experiment over the weekend, on a Saturday. Friday eve, I had nothing planned and decided to already switch off all the notifications of the apps I use most. This to avoid accidentally start scrolling through my apps when I wake up. I therefore also put off the wifi connection and switched off my internet. Should I want to check something by accident, then there’s nothing to see as theres no connection. I had planned to spend a day in Belgium so I woke up on time, had breakfast and got ready for the day. One of the things that I already noticed was how quickly I did all of that, compared to normal. I already had concluded one thing: my phone distracts me and I get more things done and quicker without.

As we have navigation in the car, I didn’t need my phone to find the route, which was a big plus to not have to look at my phone. We spend the day scrolling through the city, shopping and eating some amazing crepes while sitting in the sun. I caught myself wanting to check Instagram when we were having the crepe break (habit) but then again,I realised there was nothing to see without internet connection. I also noticed how much I actually saw of the city and how much I paid attention to details. Details of buildings, what kind of restaurants there were, etc. I also usually make snaps of everything I do, but again, no connection = no snaps

Loved this store

As it was a fun day out, I didn’t really felt the need of the phone and enjoyed myself easily without it. Apart from that one time when I wanted to check Instagram out of habit. In the eve, I had dinner and watched a movie. Only after dinner and before going to bed I really felt that I wanted to watch some Youtube vids or make some snaps, out of habit. When waking up on Sunday, I didn’t even realise at first that the experiment day was over and it wasn’t until 12 o clock that I found it weird that nothing was ‘’incoming’’. Silly me, I hadn’t even switched on the wifi/internet and notifications again. But actually I had not missed it. It wasn’t until I switched everything back on that I realised HOW MUCH is being shared in only 24hours. WOW.

So, was it just a one time experiment? Absolutely not. I think it is really good and positive for everybody to switch off their online lives and go without it. I actually even have permanently switched off the notifications of my apps now. It sort of tricks me to think that nothing new is up. So I only see the updates when I really open the app. My phone is also not that glued to my hand anymore since I realised how unhealthy it is and that it is so not necessary. No more fear of missing out haha.  A day without a phone was lovely and will definitely do this from time to time. It’s so refreshing and real life is way better and worth spending more energy on. Spend your time wisely! You never get it back 🙂

How about you? Are you addicted to your phone and Social Media?