Time for a personal challenge! As the title reveals, I want to try drinking only water during a week. I wanted to try this for a really long time but either forgot or did not make it for a whole week. The past week (Monday till yesterday) I decided I just had to do it. For those who read my 25 before 25 blog, you might recognize this as one of the items on that bucket list. Therefore, another reason to simply go for it. The reason why I decided to give this a go is mainly my skin condition. I never had a perfect skin but lately it is a real mess. Acne everywhere and my skin looks tired. My pores are huge and my eye bags as well. I don’t get happy when I look at my skin condition. I want to see if there’s some sort of relation to drinking water. Also, I find myself a bit swollen in my face and body while I don’t eat any different than usual.

I usually just drink whatever I want more or less. In my case this means, coffee, juices (fresh or not), diet coke and other sodas, hot chocolate, wine, beer. You name it, I really don’t have rules when it comes to my drinking habits. But maybe I should and therefore I want to do this little experiment.

-One coffee a day with a tiny bit of milk – Yes, I know this is not water but otherwise I can’t start my day
-Tea is allowed
-No sodas, especially no diet coke
-Smoothies are allowed when they’re made with fruits and water only
-No alcohol

So how did my week go? Check my diary below!

I started the day as usual with my daily cup of coffee. Nothing special about that. In the afternoon I had a smoothie with leftover fruits: apple/banana/lemon and blended it with water. I love smoothies. Smoothies are a good way for me to get my daily dose of fruits and vitamins. It was a nice and warm October day with 26 degrees, which is extraordinary for The Netherlands. We therefore decided to do a BBQ. I obviously drunk water but was craving a beer.

In the afternoon I had the yummiest smoothie ever! With frozen mango, banana and lemon, blended with water. So yummy, definitely a must try! I feel that I didn’t drink enough this day. I’ll have to do better on Wednesday. Around 4 o’clock I was craving a nice cup of coffee such as a cappuccino or an ice coffee. I can really tell now that my body is used to drinking whatever, whenever.

Boo I ran out of milk so I had my coffee black. It fits the challenge better I suppose. This day I didn’t feel annoyed by just drinking water. Maybe I am slowly getting used to it?

Time for breakfast. The milk in my coffee is back. It was also my meatless day. It’s one of my 25 before 25 goals to introduce some meatless days. I had a day full of struggles sticking to both the meatless aspect and drinking only water. My hormones were crazy and I was craving everything, you girls will understand. Still, I managed to stick to it and rewarded myself with Ben & Jerry’s.

This day I didn’t feel like a smoothie at lunch so I took a vitamin with water as a sort of replacement. I know very well that this is not the same as eating fruit but hey. As Friday is the start of the weekend, I was really craving my diet coke and perhaps a beer.. struggles.

Best way to start the day is drinking coffee from your favourite cup. Unlike Thursday and Friday, I didn’t feel any cravings to have anything else to drink but my morning coffee and water. In the afternoon I drank another vitamin capsule with water.

The last day of this challenge arrived. This day I drank pretty much the same as Saturday and I felt more ok with limiting my choice to water. No difficulties this day.

CONCLUSION – My reason for trying this was mainly my skin condition. Do I notice something? Well, the acne seems to be even worse. I got a massive breakout. Why did this happen?!? The thing I noticed though, is the fact my skin is glowy and healthy looking, if you look past the acne. Eye bags are still there. Another plus that I notice is that my belly is less bloated, yay!

I am quite proud that I stuck to my challenge and that I didn’t cheat. I also feel is that I don’t mind drinking just water anymore and the cravings for something else have become a lot less.

What do you think of this personal challenge? Do you drink enough water? Let me now in the comments.

*Main image from Pinterest