2018 will be the year. In February I’ll become 25 years old! I can’t even believe it myself. Sometimes I don’t realize it and believe I’m still 21. Although I have done already quite a lot in my life and seen many places, I feel that people my age around me are totally settled. With this I mean that they bought a house, are engaged or married and perhaps even have kids. My situation is completely the opposite. Even though I am happy with where I am, sometimes, this ‘’quarter life’’ stage gives me anxiety. It’s like society puts this framework of success and achievements you have to have by a certain age.

Oh men, the big 3-0 is nearing! How I picture my special day to be? Not sure, last year I went on a weekend trip with a good friend. Something like that would be cool, no big party. Been there done that many years.

As it’s about 4 months away, I thought it be fun to challenge myself to tick off a 25 before 25 bucket list. These are all no life goals. It’s a list of simple must do’s.

Would love to know whether there are readers here that are 25+ years old. Have you ever felt quarter life anxiety or so? Let me know in the comments. Plus, what do you think about my list?

1. Send a card
Old fashioned but I like it. These days were all too busy sending each other messages on Whatsapp and tagging each other in memes but sending a card/letter is so much for personal. I already know whom I’m sending one to 😉

2. Drink only water for a week
I don’t mean that I won’t be eating (hell no) but I want to get a detox from my diet coke addiction.

3. Buy good gadgets such as a new laptop & camera

4. Try out different hairdos – starting with curls
My hair is either loose or in a ponytail. So boring.

5. Visit a museum/expo

My visit to the Marc Lagrange Exhibition was incredible

6. Learn how to poach an egg

7. Going self-hosted

8. Get rid of fake friends
Highly necessary. Those that are not with you during your hardest moments don’t deserve you at your best!

9. Buy a nice gift for myself

10. Improve my French
It’s no secret that one of my life goals is to ever go back to Paris to live there again so improving my French is not a bad idea.

Tee from Maison Kitsuné

11. Try an açai bowl
Yes, really, I have never tried this.

12. Bake macarons

13. 24hrs without a phone

14. Visit woods/ some nice place in nature

15. Get another piercing/tattoo

Look how pretty! Love her work. Source: @pennypiercer

16. Forgive & forget

17. Work on a good skin condition
I mean, I’m nearly 25 and still have Acne. Not good!

18. Make a list of 10 places I’ve always wanted to eat at and actually eat there

19. Accept my body
Every body is different!

20. Get a better and healthier lifestyle (sleeping and eating for example)

21. Achieve a cool blog/Instagram milestone – Follow me here

22. Introduce 2 meatless days a week

23. Host a give away
Maybe when reaching 100 blogposts or 500 followers?

24. Read another Agatha Christie book

25. Book a trip
Here we go again. Can’t go too long without visiting a new place.