August was without a doubt my favourite summer month. During this month I was able to relax a bit from previous stressful happenings earlier in the summer. Although I feel that it has been a summer of lots of life lessons and reflections. This isn’t always nice, but in the end, I know I’ll benefit from it and get over some misfortunate occurrences. Lots of thinking and rethinking friendships and life choices. My most important lesson was that it’s OK to be selfish sometimes and to not let people take advantage of your kindness no more. I think I matured a bit more. Apart from this relative serious aspect, it was a month of travel (finally) a birthday and lots of nice things that I did. All in all I had a good summer. Fall I’m ready for you.

I received some tickets to visit a Marc Lagrange Exhibition. Marc Lagrange is one of my favourite photographers. Unfortunately Marc passed away in 2015 but his work will remain a great inspiration.

What I love about his work is that women are central. Although his photographs show nudity, he manages to portray the women in an elegant way with so much grace. He really celebrates women with his work.

Thanks Atelier Lagrange

Doggy ❤

Always time for ice cream

I always look up to spot unique buildings

Au revoir monsieur! Bye boy 😉

One of my most liked and commented posts ever was the outfit post with my bright pink jacket

The famous Ironman triathlon took place in my hometown, so coo!

Hi there little friend! Found this one in my garden

I spend a day in Belgium and passed by this window. Oh my. I couldn’t help but go in and buy something

Bought this ❤

This hot air balloon passed my house

We planned a BBQ as it was supposed to be a sunny day. Nope the weather was terrible but that didn’t stop us.

Leopard lady

Happy birthday to the best mom in the world ❤

Breakfast for champs

Time for a trip! Copenhagen is definitely a must visit 🙂

In the jungle

Pretty buildings

Happiest when travelling

Resting in bed after my trip with a Kinder Egg

Bagel delivery

I made this!