Where did summer go? All of the sudden it was September. Hope you all had a great summer and for those that are still on a holiday: enjoy! I had a overwhelming but fun summer and even managed to escape for a small trip to Copenhagen. I also spend some time shopping and would like to share with you the items that I bought over the summer.

Like I mentioned, I went to Copenhagen and I’ll be sharing a post about my trip plus a Copenhagen mini shoplog soon. So keep an eye on the blog!

But first things first: my summer haul! It includes pieces that I got in Madrid, some online shopping and some other things that I simply got in my hometown. Those that follow me on Instagram might already recognize some of these items.

Bag from Parfois

I just fell in love with this bag. I almost didn’t buy it as I thought I already had enough bags. As I could totally see myself combine this in so many outfits, I decided to get it. WORN HERE

Cosmetics from Sephora

I always get a tattoo liner from Kat von D when I get to go to a Sephora. Apart from that I bought in Madrid also a Lip plumper and these two facemasks.

Necklace from Vidal Vidal at El Corte Ingles (Madrid)

How I love small and delicate necklaces. I’m currently wearing this one every day together with another necklace.

Jacket from Zara

You might have seen this jacket already in the On Wednesdays we wear Pink outfit post. Definitely an eyecatcher, which I love. Even though, the opinions about this jacket aren’t always as positive. I especially love the sleeves, as I’m a sucker for details.

T-shirt from Maje

Like I said, I am a sucker for details. I have to confess that I haven’t worn this top yet, but I can picture it with lots of outfits so I know ill wear it soon.

PJ’s from Topshop

How cool are these PJ’s????

Sunglasses from Prada

High on the wishlist for already a while were some black sunnies. So happy with this purchase! Even if I simply want to forget about the damage to my bank account..

Jeans shorts from Levi’s

A jeans short is a must have in everyone’s closet. I decided to invest in one from Levi’s as I wanted one from great quality that will last me years.

Pants from Sandro

No shoplog without items from Sandro. The colour of these pants is just beautiful! As its made of a thicker material, I am waiting for fall to wear it. Can’t wait!!

T-shirt from Sandro

This tiger print is totally in the style of Gucci, love it!

Top from Zara

Got this top in the last round of sales for just €6. I think I’ll combine it with a white tee and either a black skirt or jeans.

Fluffy top from Zara

This fluffy sweater reminds me of my childhood, as these were so on trend back then. What’s not to love about fluffy items?

Sweater from ASOS

My happy sweater! Its too colourful and you love it or hate it. I got some nice compliments while wearing it.

Vans Oldskool (Yes, they are a bit dirty. I love them so much that I’ve been wearing them almost every day)

Those who read my Basics blogpost will recognize this pair of shoes. This is definitely my best purchase of the whole summer, no doubt.

What do you think of my shopped items?
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