Cleaning up your closet doesn’t only help to let go of things, you also notice what you actually miss in your closet. It’s a good reality check to stop buying either doubles or things you don’t need. Instead, you can focus on your must haves/needs.
For me, the conclusion after my closet cleanse, was that I miss so many good basics. I always thought I dressed with lots of black and simple items, but I saw so many more bold items in comparison to my basics A good set of basics is quite essential as these items set the base of your outfit. These pieces are often timeless so its It’s therefore also worth investing in them.
I had a good moment of thinking and wrote down a selection of ‘basic must haves’ that I miss at the moment.

What is indispensible in your closet? Do you invest in basics as well or just buy stuff randomly?

Black coat

Jacket from Zara

Can you believe that I don’t have a simple black coat? I have, amongst others, a yellow and red one, but not a black one. This is so necessary!

Jeans short

Shorts from Levi’s
I love to spot outfits with Levi’s cut offs when I scroll through my Instagram! In my opinion, these are the best (jeans) shorts. They fit for so many occasions and are a classic and so don’t go out of style.

Striped sweater

Sweater from ASOS

Love stripes! I have quite some striped items in my closet but I think a striped sweater will be a good addition to the collection. Especially now that fall is around the corner.

Black sandals

Sandals from Prada

Classic jeans

Jeans from Levi’s

I’m quite over skinny jeans at the moment and therefore haven’t worn any jeans for a while now. Sometimes I want to, but I don’t want to wear the skinny jeans that lie in my closet. I need classic jeans in my life.

Black sneakers

Sneakers from Vans (Old Skool)

As some of you might know, I’m such a vans girl. These are the most comfortable shoes around. I have a white and blue pair but I could totally see myself wearing the ones in the picture.

Jeans jacket

Jacket from ASOS

Yes… another jeans item. At first I really didn’t like the return of ‘’everything jeans’’ at all. But now I quite like the idea of a jeans jacket. But never jeans on jeans. Nope. That’s still too much for me!