What’s summer been like with you guys? Summer in The Netherlands, and I think, many other places in Europe, has been really strange. One minute it’s a tropical paradise, the other, rain is making an appearance. Lately, it makes an appearance too often, in my opinion. As weather is not controllable and simply part of life we can better not pay that much attention to it and still enjoy our summer, right? We shouldn’t let it take over our days and holidays, and we should enjoy every single bit of it. I am therefore sharing this post in which I’ll list some nice things to do during the rainy days of summer.

Clean up that closet
A week ago, I shared a post about my closet sale and some reasons why it is nice to clean up your wardrobe. I tend to clean up in a certain way to avoid over thinking and therefore keeping clothes that I won’t wear. I immediately make a yes/no decision about an item. Quick and effective.

Clothing trade with your friends
After you cleaned up your closet, you might make some of your loved ones happy with the items you cleaned out. Host a day where you and your friends bring some clothing and shop each others closet.

Bake something
I love making cakes! It’s the perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon in my opinion. I recently made this cake. What do you think, should I post the recipe?

Spa day at home
Ingredients for a relaxing day: facemask, body scrub, and nail polish. Who doesn’t feel good after some pampering? Nothing beats a facemask, exfoliated skin and a fresh manicure. Also nice to do with your besties.

Why not do a small workout while you’re indoors. Try yoga for once (Youtube is full of videos). I bet you will feel super relaxed afterwards and that your sleep will be more calm and tight.

Blog in advance
When you blog, it’s always smart to have some back up blogs just in case some busy days unexpectedly come up. Use those rainy – stay at home kind of – days to write a few posts.

Write a card or letter
Call me old fashioned but I still attach a lot of value to people who write me cards. I love the mysterious/surprise feeling that you get whenever you receive mail from someone. Remember, it’s the little things that make someone happy in the end.

Skype or facetime that one friend/family member
In our daily lives we sometimes lose touch with friends or family members. This is a total shame but sometimes unavoidable due to different schedules or the fact that you don’t live in the same city/country anymore. Pick up that relationship and Skype!

A good old sleepover isn’t just for teens! It’s just as fun when you’re an adult. Hello wines and men talk. Don’t forget to binge watch the most girly movies/series and eat all the snacks that you can find. The more carbs and sugar, the better.

Style some outfits
If you like to post outfit shots on Instagram or you upload outfit posts on your blog, you can pick out future outfits. This is a great way to search inspiration in your own closet as we often forget what we actually own and it saves time when you need a good outfit.