I couldn’t help but make a reference to the girliest movie of all time. For those that don’t know why I picked the title: in the movie Mean Girls, the popular girls wear pink on Wednesdays.

In this post, I styled an outfit with my new hot pink jacket that I bought in Madrid last month. I love eye catching items and fell in love with this jacket because the vivid colour and the special sleeves. As the jacket is all over the place, I paired it with a black dress. Black but not boring that is, as the dress has a polka dot print.
These pictures were shot in my hometown and as you can see the sky was super grey. Dutch summer it is. Even if I’m totally not happy about the weather here, I have to say that I like the cloudy effect in these pictures that is in contrast with the jacket.

Although I am so happy with my jacket, I noticed that it made some heads turn. I have never caught so many people looking at me. Oh well, I’ll stick to the motto ‘’Life’s to short to wear boring clothes’’.

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Do you like wearing bright colours and statement pieces?

Jacket: Zara / Dress: Zara / Sunglasses: Prada / Bag: Sandro / Shoes: (good old) Vans