A while ago I blogged about vintage shopping and why I like it that much. One of reasons I mentioned back then was that buying preloved items is sustainable. This doesn’t only apply for vintage items. I think it is great to give all clothes in a second chance. There’s nothing wrong with buying second hand clothes. Most of the times people don’t wear their stuff too often so it’s actually almost new and less expensive than new in store. Also, Why throw something away that is still in great shape and you can re-sell for a nice price?

Even if I don’t make that many bad purchases, I clean out my closet multiple times a year and make three piles: charity, throw out because of damage and re-sell. I recently did a ‘’summer cleanse’’ and have put multiple things for sale. Apart from the fact that it’s nice to have a clean and organized wardrobe, there’s also a catch this time. I am probably going on a dream trip in fall/winter and it wouldn’t be bad to have some extra pocket money.

People in The Netherlands and Belgium this might be interesting for you! I have put lots of items for sale on United Wardrobe, hoping to make someone happy with some of my items. Also, it would be great having some extra money for my trip! The items that I am selling are all either new or barely worn, at a real good price (Prices indicated on United Wardrobe include shipment costs). I am selling both clothing and accessories.

Here are some pieces that I am selling so you get an idea of what the style is of what you can shop. You can find all of the items HERE

Ring from Kenzo

Leopard cropped top from Monki

Skirt from Guess

Lace blouse from Zara

Ring inspired by the famous Arty Ring

For those that live outside of The Netherlands and Belgium. Maybe I inspire you to clean up that wardrobe and sell some stuff. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to buy that one dream bag or pair of sunglasses just because of making someone happy with the items you weren’t wearing anymore. Everyone happy.