Let’s get serious! Apart from fun and fashion related posts I want to occasionally share personal topics that I feel that matter. Self confidence is a topic that is really close to the heart. I have struggled with it for many years ever since I was a teen. As far as I can remember people have had something to say about how I look or the choices I make in life. People can be so mean that it can get to you and you start to believe those nasty comments. I think it’s important to talk about subjects like these because so many people deal with it and feel alone and dont know what to do about it. I won’t go into detail about my experiences as this is not ‘’Valerie’s sad show’’ but I want to share tips that help me feel confident. I have applied these the past year and I’m reaching the point that I feel good in my own skin and not care about comments. Love yourself!

Let me know what you think about these kinds of blogposts!

-Wear what you like and feels comfortable
Whenever I wear something that I truly like and matches my style, it shows how happy I am with what I am wearing. People will notice that, unconsciously. When you are happy with what you wear and you feel comfortable, it gives your self esteem a boost. Opposite to wearing something that you have doubts about already before leaving the house. Or wearing something that is simply on trend but you already don’t think you can pull it off but you wear it just because everybody else does so. You can wear clothes, but style, just as self confidence comes from within so feel comfortable with what you wear!

Not everybody might like my jungle pants, but I do and that’s all that matters.

-Work out
I will start by saying I am not a fitgirl and its totally ok if you are or you’re not. I love eating and will never follow a strict diet for example because that works for me. However, when I work out, and that’s not every day, I feel energetic and instantly feel good about myself. Who else has this? It’s like: ‘’girlll, good job’’. Try it! You don’t have to do it every day and not for hours. You can even search some youtube videos if you don’t feel like going to the gym.

-Be around people who are good for you and care
Isn’t it the best feeling ever when you’re around people genuinely care and like you for who you are? The type of people that you don’t need to act differently around and hide your character traits that others might perceive as weird. I always feel most confident whenever I am myself around my real friends and family. Why waste time being with people that make you doubt yourself and make you feel less? Also, people that don’t support you or are not there for you when you need them don’t deserve your attention. Be selfish, choose for yourself and cut these people out. You won’t be alone, there are people that like you for you and those are all that matter. I have distanced myself from some people this year and even if at first it felt sad, after some months you realize you don’t miss negativity.

-Take care of you
Be nice to yourself! You are the one that has to be with yourself every day so why not start with self care? The happier you feel with yourself the less you care what others think about you. Think of small actions such as buying yourself a nice perfume or having a pamper day at home or at a spa. What’s also really important is to rest. Sleeping is so underrated. I notice it myself. When I sleep enough, my mood is so good. When I don’t catch enough sleep, I am cranky and I see things more negatively and hello eye bags!

My favorite perfumes bring back good memories.

-Stay away from things that make you doubt yourself
Apart from the wrong people there are other factors that can influence your esteem, for example Social Media. When I feel down, I tend to take a break from posting and going through my Social Media. Why? People (me included, not going to lie) tend to only post the best parts of their lives and when you feel down it can work against your emotions.

*main image from Word Porn