Summer is supposed to be a time of relaxation, right? Well, I have felt really overwhelmed the last months and my head is overloaded with thoughts and things to do. I need a break. I need a trip. I hope to be able to escape my hometown for a small 3-4 day getaway at least. When I’m elsewhere, I really disconnect with stuff that going on in my life. I also find myself again and calm down. At the moment, Psycho Valerie is making an appearance too often :p (ha-ha).

Even though July is almost over, I decided I should still share my blog about June. I might therefore skip my monthly blog about July, but I am not sure yet. Although I have been stressed out, I managed to make time for fun. That’s one of the things I live by: how crazy, busy and stressful life might be, make time for fun and yourself.

I hope you are having a wonderful and relaxing summer!

The month started with a Polaroid fiesta at a bestie’s place. I also shared this picture on my Instagram @v_avilaa. Are you already following me?

My friend B. had just come back from China and she brought me some goodies 🙂 Lucky me!

I didn’t feel like cooking so I spoiled myself with sushi.

Did you read my bucket list blog? In this post I mentioned that I wanted to try caviar. I finally tried it and I have to say, I expected to be grossed out but it wasn’t bad at all.

ASOS is my latest addiction.

I need snacks when working late night on a blogpost.

Time for a mask! I recently became a big fan of sheet masks.

Cake date with my friend E. who also surprised me with some presents.

These two books make my Parisian heart skip a beat. Thank you E!

How beautiful and romantic is this front door?

I want this!

Always eating, always cheating (meals, of course).

Plane view.

One of my favourite summer dresses is this lemon dress. It’s so lady like and totally in the style of Dolce & Gabbana. Only mine is from Zara.

Dinner for two.

A t-shirt that speaks my mind.

June was the month that I reached 100 followers. Yay! 100 followers is like the first milestone in a bloggerworld, right? I didn’t dedicate a separate post to this achievement, like many other bloggers do. Just because I feel that its not always about the numbers. I genuinely enjoy posting and writing. I feel that I have developed my writing and picture skills but I am still learning. I want to thank you guys for taking time to read my posts. Some of you have been around for quite some time. I really appreciate it. In the meantime, I have reached 200 followers 🙂 I am beyond happy.

French toast for breakfast. This must be a lazy Sunday morning.

Bagels and bestie ❤

Twice a week, an old school ice cream van passes my street. I love this! I hope that some of these old traditions never go away.

What have you been up to this summer?