When I looked at my wardrobe at the beginning of June I realized that I actually didn’t have much summer clothing to wear or items that I still liked (what else is new). Therefore it was a good excuse to go look for some new items. An ideal summer wardrobe for me consists of flowy dresses, lots of colour & white, prints and shorts! 

Over the last month I have shopped here and there and added some summer items to my closet. I have also developed a tiny addiction for ordering at ASOS. I just love that web shop. So, the majority of the summer items that I bought are from there. I added some try on pictures of the items that I already have worn.

Dress from ASOS

How cute is this dress? It’s made of thin fabric so perfect for extreme hot days and the print screams summer. My favourite detail from the dress is the big bows with long straps.

Dress from Missguided at ASOS

I Instantly fell I love with this dress. It’s so girly! I usually never go for dresses like this one but its just so pretty, I just know I will wear it at one point.

Bathing suit from ASOS

A bathing suit was on my wishlist for so long. What I love about this particular one is that its quite timeless because of the colour and I wont get bored of it so soon. Also, it’s still sexy because of the low cut front. There’s nothing boring about bathing suits!

Sandals from ASOS

I don’t have any good flat sandals as I threw my only 2 pairs away when I was in Mexico. They were completely destroyed after this trip. Still looking for the perfect pair that will last a long time. Until then, I’ll wear these cute silver ones. A bonus is that they’re made of leather.

Striped tunic from Sandro

Love love love Sandro ❤ There’s nothing I don’t like from the collections, I always want it all. Sandro even makes a simple tunic like this particular one look classy. It’s also made from cotton and linen and therefore perfect materials for summer.

Striped pants from Stradivarius

I have worn this pants already but I am planning to post an outfit with it so keep an eye on the blog if you’re curious to see how I’ll style this. I’ll be posting this very soon.

Both blouses from H&M

I wear prints all the time but especially on days that I really don’t know what to wear but at the same time don’t want to end up with a too simple outfit.

Ankle boots from H&M

These leather ankle boots were on sale at H&M with a 50% discount. In the past I used to think that white boots were all tacky. However, I really like these at the moment!

What do you think of the items that I bought?

BY THE WAY – I am currently looking to invest in a good camera. The purpose is to use this camera for personal pictures and my blog as I want to step up my picture game. What camera would you recommend me? THANKS already!