Last week, I spend 3 days in Spain for family matters. Before leaving, I was enjoying some beautiful and (very) warm days in The Netherlands and I almost thought it couldn’t get any warmer. Wrong. In Spain the temperature even hit 40 degrees. You would almost want to walk around in swimwear all day. This inspired me to make a post about ‘’my must have’’ summer items. Some of these are my go to summer items and some are on my wish list for this year. I’m extremely happy that it’s summer. Can’t wait for my pale winter face to get a colour.

Jeans shorts

Shorts from Topshop

I love to wear shorts and I prefer these over skirts. Simply because my legs get sweaty and sticky which, is uncomfortable. Maybe to much information, I know. My favourite shorts must be jeans which are a bit fringy. It’s casual but also sexy, depending on how short you wear them of course. I also think it has an effortless cool vibe. Still looking for a good pair of vintage Levi’s shorts.

Everything white

Left from Zara – Right from Topshop

Both top and dress from Topshop

White, white, everything white! My go to colour for this season, preferably when the items are cotton or linen. My latest purchases have nearly all been white. My favourite combination this year must be white and ruffles. So romantic and feminine.

Straw bag

Bag from ASOS

High on the wish list is a straw bag. It’s so summery and it cheers up any outfit and not only beach outfits! I had my eye on one from & other stories, but this one seems sold out everywhere. Heartbroken.


Left from New LookRight from Castaner

My favourite shoes in summer. These scream summer, don’t they? They are comfortable, easy to combine. The only downside is that they never last long as they are usually worn out quick.

Flowy dresses
Both dresses from Asos. LeftRight
I actually ordered the left one, can’t wait to receive it!

I’m not a big fan of thigh skirts or dresses. I find it uncomfortable and feel like I need to hold in my tummy. This is a no-no for a snack monster like myself. Flowy, loose fitted dresses (and basically everything) are therefore one of my musts for the summer. It feels and looks fresh and clean, rather than a sweaty taco feeling.


Playsuit from Boohoo

When I don’t know what to wear in summer, I usually go for a playsuit as I just put it on and I am ready to go. I also like that these are multifunctional. Playsuits can easily be worn during both day and night and for just a casual day or a more dressed up occasion. This also saves up space in your suitcase when packing for a trip.

Bathing suits
Both bathing suits from Calzedonia. LeftRight

I’m officially sold. I have been choosing bathing suits over bikinis the last months and haven’t even looked at my bikinis anymore. I just love how good bathing suits are for a woman’s silhouette. It’s totally feminine and sexy! Wouldn’t mind adding a few more to my collection.

What is your summer must have? Or is there currently something on your wish list?