Summer will officially start this weekend! Hurray! One of the things I want to do this summer is to read. For some it might be normal to regularly buy and read a book. For me, not really. I’ve tried though. I don’t dislike it but I tend to forget to read. It happens that I buy a book and leave it for months until I think about the fact that it’s a shame that I haven’t read it. Also, I tend to prioritize other things to do ‘’for fun’’ instead of reading. Which is, in fact, a real shame. I want to change that for the summer. How do I intend to implement this? Easy. Whenever I am travelling (plane, train, bus, anything) at the park, at the beach or have a spare moment during the day, I’ll grab a book.

What I am going to do is order the books that I’ll list below, all in once. I will probably feel that I really have to read them once I realize that I’ve actually made quite the investment. The books that I chose are books that I’ve come across on my social media. Instagram is definitely my go to source for inspiration for literally everything.

The little book of Hygge -Danish secrets to happy living by Meik Wiking
The past months have been quite hard on me. I have felt sad and insecure many times. Therefore I could definitely use some extra joy this summer. I always feel motivated and positive when reading about positivity and that’s why I think it will be good to read this book. They say that Danish people are the happiest people and this book is supposed to give advice and ideas to incorporate this Danish happy way of living.

Miss you by Kate Eberlen
You can never go wrong with a romantic book. This book tells the story of two people throughout sixteen years. Only, they haven’t met each other yet but they are destined for each other. Why is this book for me? I do believe in love at first sight and the fact that a soul mate exists. I believe that there is such thing as ‘’my other halve’ and that there is that one special person just for you out there.

Any book written by Simone de Beauvoir
Simone de Beauvoir is the definition of feminism that goes way back. I admire her way of seeing things in life and the world, just like I adore Frida Kahlo’s unique way of thinking. These women stand for girl power and emancipation and they reflect nothing but confidence and strength. For those that don’t know Simone, she was a French philosopher, writer and feminist. Definitely worth googling her!

Curated closet by Anuschka Rees
Over the last two years I feel that I have been defining my style. I feel that I am wearing what I like and I am daring to do so. Still, sometimes I find myself in a wardrobe crisis and believe that nothing suits me or I don’t like anything that I own. This year it has therefore also been my goal to create my perfect wardrobe with only items that I really wear, I really like and feel good about. Another wardrobe goal is that I want to try to minimize the amount of clothing that I have but I seem to struggle with getting rid of stuff too. I think Curated Closet can possible motivate me to achieve my wardrobe goals.

Have you read any of the books that I plan to read? Or don’t you like reading that much?