My wardrobe is a mixture of budget friendly items, high-end items, trend items but also some good old pieces. Part of those good olds are my vintage treasures. I really love going on a vintage hunt from time to time. I really think there’s nothing gross about buying pre-loved items and I am always happy when I find a new gem to add to my collection.

Therefore I decided to write this post to share why I love vintage, what I usually buy and some tips that might be useful for you.

I discovered the phenomenon ‘’vintage’’ in my teen years and the whole vibe around it had my attention right from that moment. When is something vintage? There are many definitions for vintage but the one I tend to stick to is, that an item should be at least 20 years to be called vintage. In the beginning I only shopped online for vintage items but now I rather visit markets or specific shops. My favourite cities to shop are Amsterdam and Paris. When I’m home, I usually go with my friend B. who also likes to go vintage hunting. I mostly buy accessories such as bags and jewellery and sporadically also clothing.

My friend B. looking for some gems

Pictures were taken during our last vintage shoppingtrip

Why do I love vintage? The main reason why I like to shop these kinds of items is that they are all unique. There’s almost no chance that someone will have the same item as you and I like the idea of being the only one. I also love the thought of ‘’preloved’’ items. There is maybe such a cool story behind the necklace and you don’t even know whom it belonged to. The mystery is something that interests me. Buying and selling these preloved items is also sustainable. What isn’t your thing anymore can be someone’s treasure and therefore you keep the purchase cycle green. Another great plus is that it can be very budget friendly.

My golden tips for succesful vintage shopping
-If you go to a market: go early, the best gems will still be there plus it’s not so crowded so you can look around without fuss.
-Either go alone or go with someone that also enjoys vintage shopping.
-Pay attention to the prices. Some stores go overboard. Yes, it’s worth investing money in a piece (designer item or good quality jewellery) but sometimes it’s overpriced.
-Be patient. There will be a lot of items to look at so be patient and you shouldn’t mind to go through dusty items.
-Dress tactically. Sizes in vintage items often run different than in chain store. You might need to try things on. Sometimes there are changing cabins, sometimes not. Either way it will be easier for your shopping experience if your outfit is easy to take of or to layer so you can simply throw some items on top of what you’re wearing.

Some of my own finds. I always get compliments when I wear a vintage item and some people seem surprised when I tell them its vintage.

Do you like vintage shopping?