It has been already a while since spring made its appearance and although I can’t really tell by looking outside, I got the Spring fever in my head. What does this mean? Amongst others, I’m obsessed with light colours, don’t have eyes for any of my sweaters anymore and want to wear my sunnies all the time.

When it’s about shopping, I really like spring collections a lot because of the use of fabrics and colours. I’m also the type of person that matches perfume to the season. Silly, but I really like fresh and even a bit of unisex scents in spring.

I have come up with a selection of current favourite items that are in line with my Spring fever.

My first favourite of this month is my upcoming trip. I am heading to Paris next week!!! Paris is so beautiful in spring ❤ I could really go there every month. Never a dull day in Paris.

Tropical jumpsuit

I like prints in general, but lately it’s all about tropical prints. It makes me happy and it really can cheer up any outfit. I love this particular jumpsuit from Zara. I don’t have jumpsuit in my wardrobe, just playsuits. I think this would be a good next investment.

Scent of the moment: White Jasmine

One time, I walked in the Zara Home store and it smelled so lovely. I asked the shop assistant what smell it was and she told me it was the White Jasmine interior spray. I’m obsessed with it. It smells like spring exploded in your house. They sell a whole range of scents and products such as candles, linen spray, and soaps. I want it all.

Delicate necklaces

Instagram addiction: Check. For me this is not a bad thing as this is one of my sources for inspiration and to find new brands. I came across the jewellery brand Jukserei… and their Croissant collection. What better way to get in to the Paris mood?

Balenciaga B Eau de Parfum

Yep, this is what luxury smells like to me. It’s a one of kind perfume and that’s an essential criteria for me when picking a new perfume. I’m really bad with describing smells but I think I can say that it’s: fresh, feminine, and citric.

DM Shower gel

Another Instagram trend from the last months was the Unicorn shower gel from German drugstore DM. A real witch hunt started after people found out about it. As I live close to the German border, I regularly checked whether it was at DM. Unfortunately it was always sold out. Last week I managed to get my hands on the newest limited edition shower gel. I also got one for my friend L.

Bathing suit

This bathing suit from H&M is so special! I really want to go try this on soon as I have been looking for a bathing suit for quite a while.

Galaxy Notebook

I am a real mess in my head from time to time and it always helps to arrange my thoughts when I write everything down or make a planning. I think this cute notebook from The Spice of Life could definitely motivate me to be more organised 😉


What can I say? I love loafers! I like that these loafers from Gadea have a tiny heel.

Statement sunglasses

High on my wish list are some special sunnies. I already have some good basics and would love to add some eye catchers to my collection. I have spotted so many nice ones from & Other Stories.

What do you think about my faves?