It seems like every blogger and Youtuber is signing a bookdeal. Not to mention that these days there isn’t a celebrity without a biography or diet book.

Don’t get me wrong, these can be fun to read and are good leisure. Especially when you are a huge fan of the writer it can be a real collectors item to own a book like this. I’ve read some of these as well, but ended up re-selling it. I like the idea of passing on clothing and books to others and recycling items, but that’s a whole other story. The point is that I didn’t get attached to these books, until I bought: Capture your Style by Aimee Song. She is best known from her super successful and inspiring fashionblog Song of Style.

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Yep, this book is one I’m definitely keeping! Wanna know why I am so excited about it? Keep on reading!

Capture your style is not a biography, its a book that tells you the ins and outs about building a unique, powerful and interesting Instagram feed.
These days we are constantly faced with Social Influencers, which are earning a lot of money as a result of a strong Instagram game and following. Lots of people want to join this tendency but have no clue where to start, how to grow an audience and make people come back. Capture your Style explains you all, from editing pictures to collaborations, in an easy to read way.

With approximately 4,5 million Instagram followers, I think its safe to say that Aimee Song knows what she’s talking about, right?

A peek in Aimee’s Instagram. Picture from @songofstyle

For those, who are willing to get themselves out there on Social Media but are either a newbie or are stuck wit no progress and growth, I recommend reading this book. You can read the chapters pretty much separately from one another and can therefore tackle each subject at a time and apply whatever fits your goals. Apart from being interested in Social Media and Instagram, I’ve always liked taking pictures so it’s also a great self-help for taking good pictures in general.

The best tips I got of this book, which I also apply to my Instagram feed are:
-Socialize: it’s not called social media for no reason. To grow an audience and build a name, it is a must to interact on Instagram by liking, commenting, reposting and making sure you comment back on people who took the time to place a comment on a picture.

-Consistency: for me, this means posting around the same time on the same days. Whatever works for you and whatever gives you the best results but consistency is important. Eventually your followers might get used to you posting at a certain time.

-Don’t post just to post: if your pictures aren’t convincing yourself, don’t post. When the picture seems mediocre to you, there’s a big chance that other people will also think so. Also, posting repetitive pictures, of for example 5 cups of coffee consecutive, will also become dull. Instead of just filling your feed its better to not post

-Theme: make sure there is consistent line between the pictures you post so people build an image of you and associate you with particular topics. When people recognize your style, they will know what kind of inspiration they can get from your feed and come back to see more of those topics.

If you’re curious about my Instagram, check it out: v_avilaa. Let me know in the comments if you checked it and what you think of it 🙂 I like tips but keep it friendly please!

Did you know about this book? Do you like using Instagram?