You probably have seen the hype already everywhere: ear parties. Pictures of multiple earrings also pop up on my Instagram feed on a regular base and each time I see it, I fall in love! Last December I therefore decided it was time to start building my own ear party.

What I like about this trend is that multiple small earrings are minimalistic but it still makes a statement and therefore becomes an eye catcher. It even looks sexy somehow, I think. I especially like it mixed and matched with studs and mini hoops.

The plan is to keep one ear simple with just one (or two?) earrings and in my other ear a minimum of three. My ultimate earspiration is Dutch blogger Yara Michels. She probably has over 10 piercings and it looks amazing.

Picture from Yara Michel’s Instagram (@yara_michels)

I already had one earring in each ear ever since I was a kid and in December I got an additional one. Already liking how this is looking, but I want more!

(Wearing an old golden hoop and the Tiny Goa earring from Anna + Nina)

But, as the pussy that I am, I have been postponing going to a pierce shop because I find that super scary. However, as piercings don’t miraculously appear overnight, I decided that upcoming week, is the week that I’ll go for it.

Keep an eye on my Monthly Picture blogs 😉 The result will make an appearance either on this month’s post or in April’s.

The jewelry brands that I currently like most are ANNA + Nina and Eline Rosina Jewelry, both of which are Dutch brands. & Other Stories also sells nice minimalistic earrings that are really affordable.

I have laid my eyes on the following earrings and I might end up spoiling myself once I get that ear pierced.

Thunder studs & Cone hoops from Eline Rosina

Herringbone hoop & Herringbone ring from Anna + Nina

What do you think about a minimalistic ear game? How many piercing do you have?