Lately I’m trying to keep a clean closet and I’m getting rid of items that simply don’t match my personal style. Over the years I’ve experimented countless with styles and clothing as I was looking for my own sense of fashion. I think its part of growing up, right? By now, in my twenties, I feel that I have a grip on what kind of items I am in to, what suits me and my body shape. I don’t follow all trends anymore as I did when I was younger. When these days I go through my closet, I have the idea that everything is being worn or matches other items. Finally!

I also noticed that there are a few must haves that could probably work for others as well or might give you an idea and inspire you to structure your closet to style it into one that you absolutely love!

Have a look in my closet! Well… at least a couple of my faves.

Striped shirts

(Left: Comme des Garçons – Right: Brandy Melville)
I wear striped shirts at least once a week. It’s my go-to look when I have no outfit inspiration. They always work for me on every kind of occasion.

Pants with prints

(Left to right: Forever 21, Mango, Stradivarius)
I get so happy when I look at my printed pants. It adds so much live to outfits, whether its winter or summer. I am still searching one with a leopard print to make my collection complete.

Small bag

(Metropolitan bag from Furla)
I either carry a small bag or medium sized bag. Big, oversized or tote bags simply don’t work for me. I also tend to over pack my bag whenever the bag is big which leads to a heavy as hell bag and uncomfortable to carry. My best investment in a small bag is the Furla Metropolitan bag. Compared to designer bags, the price of this bag is totally worth it for the quality you get.

Medium sized bag

(Leather bag from Zara)
This burgundy leather bag has probably been on nearly all of my trips in the last 3 years. For me, it’s the perfect size bag. I love that it is leather so it stays beautiful for a long time. I actually like it when you can tell that you have been using a leather item. It gives the bag (or other leather item) character. I would like to have a similar bag in black too but I can’t find one. Tips are welcome 🙂

Leather skirts

(Both skirts from Zara)
It all started with the dark green one last year. At first I was doubting whether I would look a bit tacky or not. Soon enough I figured out these types of skirts look so classy, especially because of the length. They are definitely not too short and could even be worn to work (depending on the dress code of course). These skirts add ad an instant fashionable touch to your outfit and make it look expensive, even if they are quite budget friendly (€40)

Formal blazer

(Blazer from Topshop)
I guess we all have a formal blazer hanging in our closet. If not, you should definitely get one in my opinion! I specially like those blazers that are a little bit longer, over the hip. A bit uniform/boyfriend like. Look at the back details! I am a sucker for details.

Something lace

(First top: Suite Blanco – Second top: H&M)
For a night out, whether it’s a party, dinner or a date, I like pieces with lace a lot! It’s feminine and sexy, with a minimal effort.

My kind of sneakers

(Both pairs from Vans – Era model)
I can’t really say that I am a total fan of sneakers but the ones that I love are Vans. These shoes are super comfortable, affordable and pretty much fit any outfit. As you can see, I have been wearing mine a lot. Guess it’s time for another pair. I want black ones!


(Sunglasses from Gucci)
Like clothing trends, sunglasses are also trend related items. Shapes, colours, brands, it seems like every season something new pops up, which is fun! However, I think it would be worth investing in a pair of classic shades that are possibly not going to run out of style for a long time. My favourites would be either a black or tortoise frame or aviator sunglasses.

What are your must have items from your closet?