After selling some clothing and cleaning up my closet, it was time for a reward. Time for shopping! I really paid attention when I went shopping to not buy items that are similar to what I already have or don’t really need. The final round of sale at many stores and online was also a nice bonus. I have to admit that I’m not always a big fan of sale shopping. Why? Stores get too busy and messy and many times it seems that all the sale items are left overs and not nice at all. I therefore have to be in the mood for the sales hunt. My tip: always go at an earlier point of the day.

Curious what I got?

I had laid an eye on these ankle boots ever since they were new on Zalando. Because they are not real leather boots, I decided not to get them at the original price and it was worth the wait. Now they were 50% off.

I’m running out of my favourite serum from Clarins. As my serum is about 60 Euros I decided to try out another one from a different brand, which is also less expensive. I came across this serum from Origins. I have never used anything from this brand so I’m curious.

My kind of sale is Zara sale. I found a nice ruffle blouse (love ruffles!) and a summer dress. Guess what? Both of these items were just €5,99 each. Winning!

I’m a big fan of interior decoration and Zara Home is one happy place for me to get inspired. Found this cute table for €13 and I’m using this one now as a side table next to my bed.

During my online shopping sprees I always tend to skip H&M. Not because I don’t like the shop or the items, but because of the €5 delivery costs. However, I like the online shop more as the collection is more extended than in store. I was quite happy when I saw a 15% discount + free delivery offer a week ago on the online shop. I placed a small order of a jeans and a bra. The bra was already in sale and therefore after the additional discount just €4.

I already posted the jeans in February Fashion Faves blog and I really like the 2 coloured jeans detail and the high waist.

Do you like sale shopping? Where do you go for sale shopping?