February Circus


maart 2017

Valerie’s Bookclub: Capture your Style

It seems like every blogger and Youtuber is signing a bookdeal. Not to mention that these days there isn’t a celebrity Continue reading “Valerie’s Bookclub: Capture your Style”

WANTED: an ear party

You probably have seen the hype already everywhere: ear parties. Pictures of multiple earrings Continue reading “WANTED: an ear party”

Musthaves from my own closet

Lately I’m trying to keep a clean closet and I’m getting rid of items that simply don’t match my personal style. Over the years I’ve experimented Continue reading “Musthaves from my own closet”

A Month in Pictures: February

One of my favourite things I like to read on blogs are weekdiaries from other bloggers. Continue reading “A Month in Pictures: February”

(Sale) Shopping

After selling some clothing and cleaning up my closet, it was time for a reward. Time for shopping! Continue reading “(Sale) Shopping”

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