Why is it that when you’re on a no shopping mode you fall head over heels with each item you come across? The struggle is real! Luckily online window-shopping happens to be one of my hobbies and that is totally in line with my no shopping rule. As long as the items stay in my basket and I don’t check out, everything is cool.

At this point it feels like I want it all… jewellery, jeans, swimwear, warmer pieces and summer shoes. The whole shebang. I’m planning to clean out my closet, as its too full, messy and I own quite some items that I don’t wear anymore. My idea is too sell some of the items that are new or almost never worn and donate another part. Only then will I allow myself to spoil myself with new things. One oldie out, something new in. Sounds like a fair deal, no?

Until then, its just daydreaming about the following items for me.

Lilac sweater
Knitted sweater from ASOS

I have a major crush on the colour lilac recently. Even though my closet is bulging out, I don’t own a single piece in this colour! I want!

Wink earrings
Earrings from Merewif

Ever since I got a second piercing in my ear I’ve been dreaming about a third one. However, I’m a bit afraid to get this one, as I’m afraid it’s going to hurt a lot! I’m such a pussy. I tend to pay more attention to small and delicate earrings in stores and online. I came across the wink earrings from Merewif on Instagram and had a look on the website. This brand sells such cool items, which match my jewellery style, Minimalistic but unique.

hmprod-2  hmprod-1
Both jeans from H&M. Left / Right

The majority of my jeans are black, grey or dark blue. The shape of these is also anything but special, always skinny. I therefore tend to look more for lighter blue jeans and also straight shaped jeans.

Ear cuffs
Ear cuffs from ASOS

I love this! I think ear cuffs are great for people like me, who are afraid to get additional piercings. You can fake an ear party. Until I’m brave enough for my third piercing, I’ll be hooked on these.

Black sandals
Sandals from Sol y Sana

Each year, I set a goal to look for good basics shoes that match everything. Each year, I also fail at this. I end up buying the more one of a kind pairs of shoes and the ones that stand out for one reason or another. This also applies for my sandal collection. I don’t have a pair of clean, simple black sandals. Ideally these will have a 9-10 cm thick heel with straps to give me support and to walk stable.

Bathing suits
Bathing suit from Boohoo

Although the weather tells me to buy scarves and gloves, I have already laid my eyes on swimwear. I’m particularly into bathing suits. I think these are even sexier than bikini’s at the moment. Boohoo has a great variety of swimwear, which are all affordable.

Colourful coats
Coat from Zara

Just like the shoes, I have this thing where I always end up buying coats that aren’t black. I also don’t have a black coat. Yellow: yes. Red: yes. Leopard: yes. But black is always forgotten. I could see myself wearing the green one, no doubt.

What do you think about the items? And what’s on your wishlist?