It was about time that I would hop on that plane again. I have missed travelling so much the past months but I had this trip to look forward to, as it was booked since November.

I booked a trip with my oldest friend for a few days (12 year bestie anniversary – yay!). My travel wishlist is endless, but for Europe, I have covered almost everything that interests me. There was just one part of Europe that I hadn’t seen anything from. It was time to go to a Scandinavian country. As my bestie has already visited Copenhagen (on the wishlist), we went to Stockholm!

The only things I could come up with when I thought about Sweden were: cinnamon rolls, Acne Studios and beautiful people with in particular, sexy men.

We went for just 3,5 days. What surprised me was that the city is quite compact. I’m used to being overwhelmed by hectic and the big size when visiting a capital. But I liked this relaxed and smaller feel of the city.

Central station

Our accommodation was located in Södermalm, which is perfect when you want to do some sight seeing as it is really close to Gamla Stan, where a large part of the sights and shopping streets can be found.

Interesting fact: you can only enjoy daylight till approx. 15:00. This is important to take into consideration when you’re planning your day.

In love with all the authentic shops.

On our first day we just had lunch and a small walk in Södermalm and then the sun was already going down. We went for an ‘’evening’’ walk in the Old Town, even if it was just 16:30 probably. Everything looks so enchanting and beautiful in the dark with all the city lights shining.
All that snow..
img_0243 img_0247

Such a cute spot for ice skating in the middle of the city. 

On day two we were so looking forward to see everything by day. As we had walked around the day before we had more or less pin pointed a route.
img_0300 img_0298
My must in every city: Modern arts museums ❤
img_0263 img_0267
Avocado toast at Gretas
img_0315 img_0323 img_0328  img_0350
Time for Fika with the famous kanelbullar. Fika time is a moment during the day where you sit down to have a chat with a cup of coffee and a pastry. It’s common for Swedish people to have this either in the morning around 10 or in the afternoon around 15:00-16:00. I love this idea!

And then it was the last full day already. One of my favourite parts of the city is the Stadshuset area (City hall). This is located along the waterside and you can look in the direction of Gamla Stan and other ‘’islands’’ of the city. So beautiful. Too bad that the tower is closed during winter season. I bet you have amazing views from here over the city.
img_0371 img_0398  
Yummy lunch at Greasy Spoon.

I tried chia pudding for the first time. Not bad..

Wow, all the subway stations are so special!

Shopping time!

I shopped mainly near the Biblioteksgatan area. I visited Sephora, as there’s no Sephora back home. I bought some Kat von D make up and my ultimate must have, a lip plumper from Too Faced. At Acne I bought something that I wanted for such a long time, for 5 years at least. I thought it would be great to get it over there as the brand is originally from Stockholm so it will also remind me of my trip when I will wear it.
The famous Canada scarf! It’s so warm and chique. Love it! It’s so minimalistic and simple that it won’t go out of style so I can enjoy this piece forever! Tip: the scarf was about 20 Euros cheaper in Stockholm compared to in The Netherlands.

Even though I saw almost everything in the city, I wouldn’t have mind to stay maybe 2 days longer. I felt welcome and at home in Stockholm and this doesn’t happen often. The people are all so friendly and the city is beautiful and clean. I always enjoy a city when it has a relaxed and cool vibe, which was also the case in Stockholm. I highly recommend visiting it! Keep in mind that it is an expensive city and a timely planning in regard to flights and accommodation is a must to get the best deal!

Personal favourites
-Skanstulls hostel. Accommodations in Stockholm are quite pricey and that’s the reason we chose a hostel. We chose this particular one because we had our own room with own bathroom. So still our privacy and peace and quite. Its funky decorated, which is nice and it is really clean. Definitely a good priced accommodation with a great location.

-Gretas at Haymarket Hotel. This is a restaurant at the Haymarket hotel, which you can also visit when you’re not a guest. It’s more of a daytime venue. During the evening you can eat at Paul’s and have drinks at the bar Americain. All at Haymarket Hotel.

-Fabrique. This is a chain of bakeries where you can have Fika.

-Greasy spoon. Amazing lunch place! A must try. There are 2 locations of Greasy Spoon (Vasastaden and Södermalm). We visited the one in Vasastaden.

-Il Cafe. For lunch, coffee or Fika. There are several locations of this place.