You love it or hate it. You either look forward to it or want to hide in bed, with snacks. Yes.. I mean Single People Confrontation day, also known by the more commercial name Valentine’s Day.

As a notorious single girl, I used to be quite bitter when V-day was nearing. All the special products, decoration and obnoxious couples would make me sick. It was definitely a day to have a pity party and feel sorry for myself. By now,  I see that it is not only for couples and there’s a lot you could do to make it a nice day, with or without date.
My motto: celebrate love, friendships and also you! It’s about the greater picture and not to put people in boxes (couples, single ladies, single boys).


Whether you plan a night out with the girls, are having a dinner (with lots of wine), have a pamper day with a (home) spa moment or decide to have an online shopping night, do something you feel comfortable with. In the end, we shouldn’t forget that its just another day and that we can tell our loved ones that we care each day of the year. Therefore it shouldn’t be the occasion of the year to express how we feel but rather a bonus day 😉 It’s also never about the presents, more the moment that you spend together!

Valentine’s fail…
Although I am not against it anymore, Valentine’s Day seems to be not entirely my kind of day, with or without date. The universe has told me before. I won’t forget one evening in particular. I teamed up with a friend, who was also single at that time. The plan was to have a girl’s night out with sushi and the first Fifty Shades movie. We really looked forward to it and were happy that for once we were not spending Valentine’s alone. Everything seemed like it was going to be a memorable friends night. We were at the restaurant for not too long when it got bad. I started having terrible cramps and started sweating like I had just finished working out. I didn’t tell my friend right away what was going on as I thought it would go away. After a while I decided to excuse myself to go to the toilet. I felt like I was going to die, everything was spinning and without realizing I spend 15 minutes at the toilet. When I came back to the table my friend got worried and just knew something was up. I tried to hide it but I couldn’t even sit straight anymore and I just wanted to lie down. We asked for the bill and ran out. I couldn’t walk and was dizzy, nauseous and still sweating and having the heavy cramps. Instead of the movies, I ended up at first aid with a heavy food poisoning that knocked me out for 2 days.


A memorable friends night out indeed, we definitely won’t forget about this one and by now we can make fun of the situation and laugh every time we bring it up.

So whatever you are up to, alone or with someone (lover or besties), don’t take it too serious, enjoy the moment! If you don’t plan on doing anything and don’t like it, don’t spend much time hating it, in the end, its just another day and therefore its over before you know it.


This year I’ll also hang out with a friend and we’ll grab something to eat. Dear universe, no more pranks, ok?