The first month of 2017 is over and I thought it was a good idea to give one of my resolutions a hand and help this one come true. The resolution I will write about is the one about enjoying the little things in life more. The things in life that seem small but actually made you smile and happy. Why? They might be spontaneous, unexpected and sometimes simple. The key to happiness can sometimes be found in the most simple an easy things yet we (and me included) sometimes get too greedy and take those small gestures for granted and look for the bigger impacts. The little things are then somehow forgotten. But it is very important to not forget these!

I decided that it is time for a new tradition. What’s the plan? Each time something fun, good or positive happens, I am going to write this down on a small piece of paper, throughout a whole year. I’ll put this pieces of paper in a jar and only at the end of the year, I will be able to open the jar and read all the small notes. By doing this, I will re-live all those great memories and I might sometimes think ‘’Oh I almost forgot about this one, yet it was so amazing’’.


When people get into a routine mode in their daily lives, things might seem boring. You might even not realize what fun and exciting things you actually have done as you are so deep in that routine. Writing down these things is a good reminder that you also have some fun memories and that your year wasn’t so dull after all.


For now, my box holds just 3 notes and as you can see, a lot of notes fit in that jar. I am really curious how many I will have collected by the end of the year. Also, I’d like to see how I look back on those memories, as we learn and grown up every day a bit more.
By reading the content of the box you can see how lucky and fortunate you are. It might give an extra push to appreciate your life, friends, and family because those important factors made your memories possible.

Do you like my DIY project?