February Circus


februari 2017

Birthday weekend in Antwerp

At the beginning of February it was that time of the year again. It was time to blow out 24 candles Continue reading “Birthday weekend in Antwerp”

February Fashion Faves

Why is it that when you’re on a no shopping mode you fall head over heels with each item you come across? Continue reading “February Fashion Faves”

Hej Stockholm Hej Kanelbullar

It was about time that I would hop on that plane again. I have missed travelling so much the past months but I had this trip to look forward to Continue reading “Hej Stockholm Hej Kanelbullar”

Happy Valentine’s Day!

You love it or hate it. You either look forward to it or want to hide in bed, with snacks. Continue reading “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

DIY: Project Happiness in a jar

The first month of 2017 is over and I thought it was a good idea to give one of my resolutions a hand and help this one come true. Continue reading “DIY: Project Happiness in a jar”

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