We’ve welcomed the New Year just a week ago and all I can say is: what a year! I feel that in 2016,I found out who I really am and feel more confident about myself and the things I believe in and stand for. I have been roughly woken up by reality on many levels, which isn’t always nice and might have hurt a lot but I feel more serene and secure. I have grown up in different ways. My mom also noticed and if she says so, it must true 😉

Last year I also wrote about the things I have learned and the things that I plan to strive after. Did I succeed in all the things I planned to do? Nope. And that’s OK. I am human too, and plans can get influenced by things you can’t control. I don’t feel I fail when I don’t stick to those ‘’Resolutions’’ I see it more as points of inspiration. I like to see how I change from year to year so I have done some good thinking about my resolutions and lessons of the year and have come with a few significant ones.


Keep working out
Last year April, I started working out on a frequent base. I had neglected my body for a long time without even noticing it. It hurt my feelings to face reality but I also knew that it was due to my eating habits and the lack of movement. Therefore, something I could work on. Since then, I have lost weight, have a better shape and feel fit. When I am more in shape, I feel better about myself and I am more confident.

Enjoy little things
In a day-to-day routine I sometimes just focus on the big picture and the big impacts and forget about little things. Nowadays, society is so focussed on achievements and peer pressure. The little things seem insignificant, but actually mean the most and make you the happiest. Example: in December, I went to a Christmas market with my oldest friend. We ate some churros and spontaneously decided to hop on the Ferris wheel. This was memorable because I was able to do it with my best friend.  20161227_194054x
Pretty lights, pretty city

Get a new hobby
Next to working out, I need a Zen moment, for myself. I have looked into yoga for this year, hope this works out for me.

Do more things by myself
2016 was the year I made a trip by myself for the first time. I felt instant freedom and broke so many boundaries that were just all in my head. Me-time and taking actions by yourself is good. Doing things by yourself doesn’t make you a loner or friendless, it means you are totally OK with yourself. Sometimes the coolest things happen when you’re by yourself. I want to continue with this. Taking myself for coffee, lunch, or a trip.
Solo lunch at Champs des Mars


Bye boy
There will always be that boy that you cant let go. There was one of these boys that drove me insane. I believe we had a real connection but when he was out of the picture he would still make moves and then disappear again. I was always left thinking that there was still something there. I got too annoyed and sad about it. Things needed to change. He wasn’t interested and he will never be. I deleted his number and social media. You need this clean slate when you want to get over someone. Know your worth and be kind to yourself!
Pull & Bear totally gets it 😉

There are good people out there
Its an understatement when I say I have been screwed over by many people. People see my kindness as my weakness. People tend to say the things that I want to hear when I need to hear them but don’t live up to what they say. Also, making friends when you’re over 20 is not easy. This year I experienced that there are good and genuine people. Thanks to a new friend that I made and also thanks to my trip to Mexico where I met the most warm hearted people. Also my golden few that are always there for me 🙂

The grass always looks greener
When you are seeking for better and growth, but don’t succeed, it may seem like everyone else is getting what they want, besides you. Especially when it repeatedly goes wrong and I see good things happening to others, I can feel bad about myself. After having a late night Mc Donald’s conversation with a friend she managed to change my mindset. The grass always seems greener, but you never know someone’s story or what it took them. It might seem perfect in a but it can all be different behind the scenes.

Don’t let bad things make me bitter
When things go wrong or people hurt you, it can get to you. I used to be the person that takes things too serious and got affected badly by any comment or happening. It even affected my cheerful, happy personality. That was not good and healthy at all. I’m slowly getting used to not taking everything so close to the heart and not let any influences affect me or make me bitter. Nobody wants such person around!

Do you also like making a yearly evaluation? What are your goals for the New Year?
May you have a happy, successful and loving year ❤