Even if I didn’t want to say goodbye to Oaxaca, my Mexican adventure wasn’t over yet. Off to the Capital! Hola Mexico City!

It all started with another 6-hour bus ride. Guess what? I was lucky enough to travel again with the super cool bus driver I met on my way to Oaxaca!

Upon arrival, I checked in at the Holiday Inn, the same hotel as when I arrived in Mexico. I freshened up and went for a coffee and walk in the neighbourhood. The rest of the day, I spend chilling in my hotel room and ordering room service and pampering myself with a facemask and long shower. Oh, and a movie marathon thanks to the countless movie channels on the TV.

I am a huge fan of Mexico’s, probably most famous, painter Frida Kahlo. I admire her so so much. Because of her controversy, one of a kind and unconventional way of thinking and her views on love and life. Therefore I had to pay a visit to the House of Frida Kahlo. Ironically enough, I ran out of clothing options and had only not worn a traditional handmade dress that I bought in Oaxaca, paired up with a bright yellow scarf, totally in Frida style. So yeah I looked like a total fan girl 😛

The House of Kahlo, also known as Casa Azul (The Blue House) is the house where Frida used to reside with the love of her life Diego Rivera. Next to a great selection of her art work (love!) you can find many items, which belonged to her and a reproduction of parts of the house. All in typical Mexican and picturesque style, typical Frida. I don’t have any pictures from inside the house as you needed to pay to make pictures inside. Looking back at it, I feel gutted that I didn’t pay for this. It wasn’t really expensive so I should have done so. Oh well, I hold on to the thought that I’ll see it again, someday.

Frida fan girl
Hi there, beetle
Outside you find this incredible garden full of trees and plants. Wow! Such a beautiful and peaceful place. I could sit there for hours, with a book, or no book, just daydreaming. You are also able to watch a short documentary about her live, work and relationship with Diego Rivera.
A visitor I met told me this plant is called dessert rose. Gorgeous.
Diego Rivera

It was a foggy and rainy day in Mexico City, so what to do? Shopping!! In one of the many big malls. I visited the Oasis Mall where you can find a great selection of international stores such as Forever 21, Zara, American Eagle, Aldo and Sephora. Next to some great shopping, I met up with my cousin, who recently moved to Mexico City. We had dinner at Olive Garden, an Italian restaurant.

What intrigues me about this city is the fact that it is such a busy, hectic, polluted concrete jungle but if you look, you find Mexican culture too, in historical parts and city sights. Not like in Oaxaca where it is all over. I always thought Amsterdam was crowded and busy.. haha, not anymore!

On my last day in the capital, I decided to get up early, as I wanted to visit Chapultepec Castle. This is one of the city’s main sights and I actually spotted it from the plane upon arrival. You can find this Castle on the hill in the forest of Chapultepec, which is an insanely big park. I have never been to New York, but it was so big that I sometimes had a Central Park feeling. There is even a zoo and lake where you could row a boat, so amazing.
Feeding the squirrels! I wasn’t allowed to bring my apple into the castle and in there were so many squirrels in this forest that I had to feed this little friend.
Daydreaming about the day that I’ll return to Mexico
20160928_123316 20160928_120530
Concrete jungle
What’s so special about this castle? Here’s a little background story about it. This castle was originally build under Spanish regime but became a barracks after Mexico’s independence. It’s mostly famous for its Niños Heroes legend. During the battle of Chapultepec of the Mexican-American War, these ‘’Niños Heroes’’, teenage military cadets, defended Mexico at the Castle when US forces were invading the country. These young boys died during this battle. Legend tells that one of these cadets wrapped himself in the Mexican flag and jumped from the top of the castle. This, in act of bravery, to prevent that the Mexican flag would fall in the hands of the opponent.
Statues of Los Niños Heroes with their beloved city in the background

Don’t you just also love legends?

After our Chapultepec stroll we headed for lunch to Eric Kayser, a French bakery chain. I love this place! Authentic French pastries and baguettes in Mexico, what a way to close this adventure. In the evening it was time to fly back home.

I wish I had had some more time in Mexico City. There’s so much more I would have liked to see. For example Xochimilco, a borough with canals where you can ride colourful boats (a bit like gondola’s) and enjoy mariachi music and food. More reasons to come back. My aim is to visit again in 2018!

I still miss this country! I cant tell enough about this trip and I could go on and on about it. There’s just one more topic I will cover soon and that is: FOOD!

Is Mexico also on your travel wish list?

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