I didn’t see this one coming! After I visited Barcelona I never guessed I would make another trip this year, so it came as a big surprise when my mom asked me whether I wanted to join her to Mexico!

It didn’t even cross my mind to think about it and immediately said yes. It was totally unexpected and unplanned, both for her and me to make such a big trip. But spontaneity and impulsive actions are really important in life.

We decided to make it a short notice trip. Between the booking and the actual flight were just 10 days.

For me, it wasn’t the first time to visit Mexico. I am half Mexican, and have visited my roots as a kid. All the family from my mom’s side also lives there and we actually don’t have any family in The Netherlands.

Even I fit wasn’t a first time visit, it was super cool and exciting to visit my roots as an adult. You always experience and see things differently as an adult and know what you want to see and try (Tequila, anyone?).

We went three weeks and visited both Oaxaca and Mexico City. Real Mexico and Concrete Jungle, that’s how I like to describe these cities.

I plan to dedicate individual blogs to these cities and will also write special one about Mexican food

However, I need to say that I feel extremely thankful for my to visit Mexico. I feel more in touch with my roots and that’s mainly because the people of Mexico stole my heart.
I have never met people so pure, genuine, honest and warm hearted (the list of positivity could go on and on). I felt extremely welcome and even if its a total different world compared to countries in Europe, I didn’t feel out off place, even if my way of speaking might give away that I am not one of them (more Spanish than Latino 😉 )

Not to even mention the beauty of the country, which is so diverse. So, soon there will be some posts on the above-mentioned topics related to my trip. For now I’ll add some handpicked random shots of this unique country ❤

Me against the ruins
Hacienda feelings
All handmade with love
Cactus paradise
El gato negro
So many picturesque churches and chapels
One of my favorite things was to spot these old Volkswagens
20160922_171504No way, heavy rain in Mexico?
Viva Mexico!

Have you seen my post about Barcelona?

Hasta luego amigos!