Officially we can say its summer, but the weather (in The Netherlands) tells us something else. While looking extremely forward to the sun and my upcoming trip to sunny Barcelona, I’d like to share my personal faves of June! The pieces have a sunny and summery touch, but are also appropriate for the schizo summer that is happening.

My ultimate summer wardrobe has clothing that is made of light and fresh material, lots of white, white, flowy pieces and I try really hard to ignore my love for the dark colours.

As we hide our legs all winter long, a go to look for me is to go barelegged any time the weather allows me to. Usually I opt for dresses or shorts. I tend to stay away from skirts, as my legs always get super sticky. Who else knows this struggle?

So, to be ready for when it suddenly becomes warm and for my trip, I handpicked some items that will inspire my summer closet this year and last minute vacay shopping.

Boho inspired dresses
image1xxl-1 image1xxl image1xxl-2
(Dresses are from ASOS)
I own too many clothes, including too many dresses. However, I do not have any dress that resembles the boho like dresses above. I really like the easy going look and they still look girly and sexy at the same time. I can really see myself wearing one like it for an outdoor party or shopping spree. My absolute favourite is the white one.

Statement Tee
Afbeelding 11
(Maison Kitsuné)
Not only do I love the coffee from Kitsuné, I also became a fan of the clothing from Maison Kitsuné. The line includes clean items, which give you an effortlessly fashionable look. You could categorize it as a, not so standard, basic look. It totally matches my view on Parisian effortless chique fashionistas. The ‘’ I don’t know what or how you do it, but you pull it off and it looks great, type of thought.

Afbeelding 27 image1xxl-3 Afbeelding 28
(From left to right: Boohoo, ASOS, Boohoo)
Almost every summer I buy new swimwear and this year will be no exception. I love swimwear, it’s so playful! This year I am particularly interested in bathing suits and high wasted bikini bottoms. Its classic, stylish and actually classy too. It gives your body an incredible shape. Some might think it hides too much of your body, I think it adds a mysterious touch 😉

Mom jeans

Afbeelding 16
I am your typical skinny jeans girl. Preferably even only in dark shades such as dark blue and black. I love how figure hugging these jeans can be. I have been super loyal to my skinnies and I haven worn many other jeans styles. Lately I have caught myself looking at mom jeans and other type of pants. Could I be falling for other trousers than skinny jeans? YES! I even bought myself pants with snake print, which is NOT skinny. By now I started to look for a mom jeans and other non-skinny pants.

(Left: Hegos – Right: Jill Sander)
You can say that I am currently obsessed with loafers and I recently bought my first pair (left picture). I haven’t worn ballerina-like shoes in years (No joke, it must have been 6 years). But loafers are so welcome in my collection! They can be sporty and classic add a bit of nonchalance and tone down a too girly outfit.

Afbeelding 4Afbeelding 5
(From left to right: Gucci, Quay, Dolce & Gabanna)
I have been wearing my Wayfarers and aviators, both from Ray Ban, for so many years. Those two styles are sunglass essentials that everyone should own. However, it was time to upgrade my sunglass look and add some diversification. I ended buying one from Gucci (left picture) and I am so happy with it! Its tortoise, big, classic and most important: no logos all over! I personally dislike wearing stuff with logos. If I buy an expensive item, I buy it for me, because I like it, not to show the world that I am wearing brands. I also like colourful and eye-catching pieces. Just because they are special and spice up your look.

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What do you like to wear in summer?