Bonjour à tous! Halfway April I felt a desperate need to leave my hometown. I wanted a change of scenery, catch different impressions and wander incognito.

After sorting out all my options, it hit me that I should go to Paris. I had not been to Paris for almost 4 years. It was time to go home. Home? Yes Paris, used to be my home for a while. As a 19 year old I left to Paris to for a semester abroad. What better place than my old home to think, wander and simply be.

I went by train and as soon as we were arriving Paris, the Sacré-Coeur greeted me. I couldn’t help but feel overloaded with emotions, good ones, and choked up a bit. After so many years and misfortunate occurrences that have hit my precious city, we were finally reunited and I was welcomed warmly.

You can imagine every moment I walked through Paris was a trip down memory lane.

I stayed at the 5th arrondissement, close to the Notre Dame and the Panthéon (Quartier Latin). This is, together with Le Marais (3rd arrondissement) are some of my favourite places to be at. A total different world from the area where my tiny old flat was located.
The 18th arrondissement, between Marx Dormoy and Port de la Chapelle. The people that know Paris very well will know what I am talking about 😉 Still, I have countless remarkable and funny memories of it. Never a dull day!

I went by myself to Paris, for some reasons. I thought for a long time that going somewhere alone looks totally lonely and will be boring. Therefore, I always used to ask friends to join me and when they couldn’t or didn’t want to, I simply didn’t go. Too bad, because it meant I would miss out on my adventure. When I was looking into going to Paris, I thought for one second of asking around, but then I decided I wouldn’t. I was a bit done with being the friend that always takes the initiative and comes up with 101 ideas on where to go. I booked the trip in silence and simply went.

By now I can tell you something. Travelling solo is in no way boring or lonely. It’s great! You can be so flexible and really do as you wish all day. Eating whenever you want, shopping, visiting the things you want to see, anything is possible. No discussions about budgets etcetera 😉 I think you get my point. I am happy I took this step (somehow also proud – gosh I am such a dork) and I am sure more trips will follow by myself. I needed this push in the right direction.

So, what did I do in Paris? As I know Paris like the palm of my hand, I didn’t really go to all the touristic attractions that the city has to offer. Just a few of my favourite things that I strolled by.

Got curious? Check out my Parisian diary! Allez-y!

Early morning at Liège-Guillemins.

Hello beautiful Notre Dame! This is one of my favourite sights of the city. I can spend hours and hours wandering in this area.
This city is so photogenic. Plus, isn’t that the prettiest ice cream you’ve ever seen?

Rue de Rivoli

Café Kitsuné. Wow! This coffee is simply extremely good. I am really impressed by the skilled and inventive baristas. As the weather was really nice, I took the coffee to go and sat in the park near Palais Royal with its famous Colonnes van Buren (Les Deux Plateaux).
Colonnes van Buren

Jardin des Tuileries

Paris.. great pastries, culture, beautiful people and fashion. I was pretty succesful during my shoppingspree. The Pompom sweater is from & Other Stories, the stripped top is from Comme des Garçons Play and the bag is from Furla.

20160421_150656Eiffel Tower lunch.
Beautiful flowers at La Madeleine.
Café Charlot.
Great food and only good looking waiters, what else can this single solo traveler ask for? It’s bearded men heaven here 😉
Love the art stands on the streets. It’s so charismatic!
I thought Valerie was a French name..

I closed my trip to Paris with an exhibition at one of my favorite museums of the city, Les Arts Décoratifs. I have seen great exhibitions here such as the Valentino and Louis Vuitton – Marc Jacobs exhibition that I coudn’t miss out on the Barbie one. This exhibition pays tribute to the icon that Barbie is. It shows the most famous doll in the world as a fashionista and a power woman.

Do you love Paris as much as I do? What are your favorite places in Paris?

Je te souhaite une bonne journée! xoxo