Maytime, springtime! When it’s about fashion, spring and autumn are my two favourite seasons. I simply love the ‘’in between’’ weather where you aren’t either bond to warm coats, big knits or the other extreme, so warm that even your nicest dress won’t beat the heat.

Even if it’s May already, I was wearing my woolen winter coat last week. That Dutch weather. Hail in spring, really? So I was really happy to hear about the spring weather as of this week. I don’t care for how long, but I am happy that it is finally coming. So I can finally dress with my favourite items.

A typical spring wardrobe for me includes: lighter, colourful coats, loads of stripy items, sheer blouses and shorts/skirts. I am currently also obsessed with the Parisian style after I came back from my trip. Those girls always look perfect, while being effortless. I love their flawless, chique and natural outfits. They can even make a black tee look priceless.

This season, my eyes are on finding some good basics and showpieces to draw attention and contribute to the happy, cheerful and fresh character of spring.

1. Furla Metropolitan bag
We can call this bag, the affordable it bag of the moment and Furla’s bestselling item. What I love about this bag is that is practical and still adds a classy touch to your look. The fact that they produce it in tons of colours is also not bad either. I purchased it myself in yellow.

2. Comme des Garçons striped long sleeve
I am completely obsessed stripes! In any combination possible actually. I fell totally in love with the stripy items from the Play collection of Comme des Garçons (Actually all of the items of this line). They are quite pricey but I decided it would be a good investment in a good quality striped tee that will last a long time. Plus I couldn’t resist the smiling heart.

3. Anna + Nina earring

I really want to get more earrings! It has been years since I wore them actually but I really would like to get my ears pierced so I can fit 3 earrings in my right ear. This earring from Anna + Nina is so minimalistic but I also think its kind of edgy.

4. Stella McCartney shoes
Afbeelding 5
This is shoeporn! I love the silver, I love the laces and I love the wedge heel. The other colours of these Stella McCartney wedges are also really cool. Can I have them all? Too bad they are far out of my budget, therefore I am looking for lookalikes.

5. Lemon dress Zara
I am closing my May favourites with a summer item. Before I went to Paris, I saw this dress at the store, but decided I shouldn’t shop before going to Paris as I knew I would shop over there. When I came back, it was gone! I can’t find it, not even online! I’m so gutted. I borrowed this picture from The Fashion Morning. Still hoping to get my hands on this beautiful dress.

What is your spring essential?

Hasta luego x