They say that the moment may be temporary but the memory lasts forever. That’s exactly how I feel when it is about memories that I have made during trips. Next to making an overload of pictures, I also like to take an item with me from the places I visit.

I am picky with clothing, shoes, furniture, (men), restaurants.. and yes even when I choose a souvenir I can be picky. Therefore I tend to not go for the obvious, standard, mainstream type of items such as a mug, t-shirt or magnets. Basically nothing that has the name of the place written all over it.

Also, I like my special pieces to fit my interior and to be an eye catcher while they blend in with the rest of the furniture without creating a feeling of a packed museum.

I made a selection of 5 of my favourite souvenirs that I have brought with me from my latest trips and also some that are already with me for years.

Glass lamp from Istanbul
Where and under which circumstances I got this lamp is something I wont forget. I visited the Bazaar in Istanbul and it was a complete mad house. So many people, so many shop owners trying to lure you into their shops. I think I had 10 pieces of Turkish delight and 2 cups of tea offered for free that day. Anyways, I was almost about to leave the Bazaar without a souvenir and then I found this cute small store with only glass lamps.

Swallows from Lisbon
I love vintage! It’s always one of a kind and special. When I heard there was a vintage market in Lisbon, I had to go check it out. After a real bumpy, shaky and dangerous tuk tuk drive we made it uphill to this market. The offer was a mixture of clothing, accessories, furniture and decoration.

Wooden horse from Krakow
I spotted this horse at the indoor market at Rynek square and I immediately liked it. I couldn’t really figure out why, as I don’t like horses in general. Perhaps the neutral colour and the fact that it is handmade. I didn’t buy it right away. But as soon as I left it, I realized this was my Krakow souvenir and that I should go get it anyways.

Absinth from Prague
Not something to blend in with the interior 😉 This bottle is my memory of one of my craziest trips. As a 19 year old on study exchange in Paris, I got a week off due to a national holiday. A friend and me spontaneously decided to book a trip and went to Prague. It was one hell of a memorable trip and I wish I could share all of the details. I was 19 and had never tried Absinth and had only heard stories about it. In Prague they had Absinth everything… chocolate, ice cream, you name it. I got this bottle and asked my friend whether I could drink it right away. She said she thought so. WRONG. I burned my upper lip and had to walk around with a mark for a week. I should have known (64% alcohol).

Mosaic Lizard from Barcelona
I love Barcelona and it will always have a special place in my heart. It must be my favourite place where I have lived. I also learned the most about myself in Barcelona and wouldn’t be me if I had not moved there. This lizard therefore reminds me of countless memories, who I am and my gratitude towards the most instructive period in my life.

Do you also like to buy souvenirs when you travel? If so, what do you usually opt for?