Typical me. I have been back from my last trip a bit over 2 weeks and I am already trying look for the next destination. What usually defines my strategy in regard to looking for inspiration is to go somewhere I have never been. I rarely visit a place two times. Just because the world is so beautiful and I think it’s a shame returning to the same place over and over again when there is so much to discover. You can also blame it on my curiosity. If I return to a place, it’s mostly because years have passed and I sort of miss the feeling that this place gave me.

One of my friends gave me a Travel Listography book as a Christmas present (Best present!). The other day I started writing in it. It basically allows you to write down what you have seen (divided in really cool categories) and what you would like to see.
It also somehow structures your future travel plans as well.


So where would I love to go? This list doesn’t tell that I am actually going to go to these places on the short term, just daydreaming 😉 Plus, I also tend to look at my trips spontaneously.

In Europe there are actually just two destinations that I want to visit: Riga and Bucharest. Bucharest because I love East Europe hat much and Riga because I have seen really cool inspirational pictures of it and it’s actually a destination that I don’t know much about so it can really surprise me as there are 0 expectations.

My other dream journeys are: New York, Morocco and Japan.

Both New York and Morocco have been an obsession of mine for already years!
New York because I love big, cosmopolitan and busy cities that show many faces. Also, I want to know what it feels like to be in the city of Carrie and The Humphreys (Only the insiders will know..) I can already see myself flaunting there…..

Morocco has something Idyllic, mysterious and enchanting. I love exploring different cultures and I think Morocco has a lot to offer me in this area. I want to ride a camel, sleep in the dessert and go to bazaars.

If I one time would go to Japan, I would combine Tokyo and Kyoto. The thing with Japan is that I have been obsessed with Yakuza movies and the history of it since I was a little girl. I love mysteries and conspiracy theories, simply fascinating to me. Also, I have never been in an Asian country.. I think it would be a one of a kind experience seeing so many people around me and being totally in another world. Not to mention the bamboo forests.

Where would you like to go next? Have you been to some on my dream destinations? If so, recommendations and opinions are always welcome.

Until next time!