I have never written about either fashion or styling. Strange, because this must be my ultimate hobby, passion, life interest and goal to work in this direction. I hear you think, why haven’t you? Easy. There are way too many blogs that specialize in this topic and it has become way monotone as people pretty much write about the same trends/items.

I am not claiming I am an expert, that I know it best/all or that I have a unique style. What I do know is that I get butterflies when I speak about fashion, look at fashion and read about it. I can spend hours looking online to discover new brands, webshops, fashionable Instagram accounts and so on. Its part of my life as I usually start the day with Instagram, after just having opened my eyes.

My friends call me their SOS whenever it is about dressing up and I have played personal shopper and stylist many times, with pleasure.

Still, as it means so much to me and is such big part in my life I want to put some of my thoughts into writing. Therefore I decided to add a monthly item to my blog, including my top 5 wanna haves of the month. For me it will serve as a mood board idea, for you it might give you ideas or make you look at some items from a different perspective or try out something new.

I will not tell you what to wear or what’s ‘’in fashion’’ at the moment. Simply sharing some items that made me go all excited.

Are you ready to get excited over my February items?

1. Flamingo sweater
(Sweatshirt Olly Anita de Groot)
I got to know this brand when I saw this sweater on Anna Nooshin’s Instagram. Love the unique prints!

2. Special shoes
(From left to right: Jeffrey Campbell, DKNY, Topshop)
I always have had eye for special shoes to add a special touch to my outfits, which many times consist of black items. I am trying to add more color though..

3. Mustard coat
(GIRLY coat, Topshop)

Mustard is my new color!

4. YSL clutch
Afbeelding 6
(Salon Heleen Hulsmann)
I Love leopard printed items! I also got to know of this webshop through Anna Nooshin (She’s an inspiration!). Get it before its gone!

5. Grey scarf
(Canada Scarf Acne Studios)
I have looked the whole winter season already for a nice, simple and warm grey scarf. Have read really good things about this particular one.

What is on your wish list at the moment? And is there something you like of my list?

Hasta luego x