Time has never flown by so quick as this year. I remember myself last year at this very day as if it was yesterday. By then I was looking to learn more about myself and find out about myself. Am I done learning? Absolutely not. 2015 might have been my roughest, shakiest but also the most instructive year I have had. What did I learn the past year? I think my 2015 lessons deal with growing up and becoming a young adult.

1. People come and go, people change and people grown apart. And that is totally OK. That is life and it happens. Time heals everything and with time you also see who was really meant to join your ride in life. Whether it is relationships, friendships or family bonds, you can’t force anything. This was perhaps the lesson that caused me the most pain this year. It also made me grow because I know what I am worth and if you don’t see it, you are blind and make a stupid mistake of walking out.

2. People will always judge your choices and decisions no matter what you do. At first to me it seemed that I couldn’t do anything right and that I am never accepted for being me. The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. You are the only person that needs to accept your choices. Anyone who likes your idea of thinking is welcome to join the journey. You don’t need anyone’s approval. It is important to live your life the way you want to as nobody else is in your shoes day in day out!

3. Dating in the era of Tinder sucks. ‘’Hello my name is Valerie and I am single’’. Since sex has gotten so easy, love is hard to find. Therefore men don’t see the need to be serious with someone as they can fulfil their needs within one swipe (Please, prove me wrong ;)). It is impossible to take someone serious these days because of these types of platforms. Also, when men play around like that it is OK but when women do it, we are called ugly names. Some equality, maybe?

4. Don’t settle for average. People like certainty and therefore don’t take risks. The result is that people end up settling for too les, something that they don’t support or something that doesn’t make them happy. Life is one big bowl with challenges and opportunities. If you don’t take risks because you don’t want to lose your comfort zone, how will you know what’s in the big bowl? And FYI: comfort zone is boring. Don’t be afraid of what you can lose, be curious to find out what you will get in return.

5. Everyone will become a Belieber! Even I can’t ignore all the catchy songs. What did you do Justin Bieber! :p

I am the type of person that doesn’t like to be in the same place. I love progressing, moving forward from my mistakes and misfortunes and working on myself. For me, 2014 was practise as I was happily living in Barcelona and living the good life. 2015 was my warm up. I struggled, made mistakes, fell hard, cried, stood up, fell again, stood up. 2016 is definitely game time! I have a message for my destiny: It is freaking on B*tch!

The trick with resolutions is to make them achievable and not vague. This will help you motivate yourself in working towards these goals and you won’t get disappointed and discouraged to stick to them. I ditched the ‘’ I want to lose weight’’ ‘‘don’t eat junk food’’ type of statements. They are not really innovative, are they? Here are mine:
1. Start pilates
2. Keep learning – I bought an Excel for dummies book and will do on an online course
3. Visit 3 new destinations – One of them is fixed! Dublin in less than 1.5 month.
4. Dream job – I feel you’re out here waiting for me!

I say goodbye to my turbulent 2015 and hello 2016 because the rest is still unwritten. All the best wishes to all of you and good luck tackling those resolutions!

*Main image was taken in Istanbul at the Museum of Modern Art (fits the glitteresque NYE scenery)